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    Another thing that comes to mind is the relatively few Ring magazine fights of the year which are in here. Again this is from the top of my head as I have neither the top 50 or the FOTY year list to hand just in a rush here, but notably absent since 1940 alone but excluding 2020 are (forgive errors):

    Louis Conn 1, Pep Wright 1, LaMotta Dauthille 1, Zale Graciano 1 and 2, Pep Saddler 2, umpteen Carmen Basilio scraps including the second against SRR, Clay Jones, Benvenuti Griffiths 1, Young Foreman, Frazier Quarry 1, Ward Gatti 3, Ward Augustus, Patterson Chuvalo, Gatti Ruelas, Spinks Ali 1, Lopez Ayala, Tapia Ayala 1, Lopez Lockridge 1, Foster Finnegan, Quiroga Anifowoshe, Gonzalez Carbajal 1 and Gonzalez Sorjaturong, Robinson Gatti 1, Castro Jackson, Marquez Diaz 1, Sithchatchawal Monshipour, Segura Calderon 1, Vargas Salido, Matthyse Molina, Bradley Provodnikov, Inoue Donaire, Berto Ortiz, Alvarez Golovkin 2.

    There will be others. I don't know what this means but it's kind of interesting, huh?
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    That video is why I grew up loving boxing, thanks Rummy.
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    Ra's's shenanigans in this thread still make me laugh out loud from time to time.