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    I did intervals today -- 30 seconds jog , 15 seconds on @ 70% intensity for 20 minutes. I had to cut it short because I had to go to work.

    Bolognese chicken
    Protein shake(can I afford this?)
    I'll take a further look at cold cuts in the weekend.

    Bananas(relatively cheap)
    Strawberries (not too much, it costs $$$)
    Red Pepper (those huge ones, not the super spicy ones)

    Nuts and almonds

    Ideally, I would eat this 3-4 a day, and just go to the cafetaria/work for the remaining 3-2 times.

    I don`t have access to cooking facilities except a microwave so my choices are rather limited.
    I`m also quite broke, so I`ll post how it goes, and will adapt in consequences.
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    10 minutes rope skipping
    60-30-30 push-ups
    0:45 sec plank
    0:45 6 inches off the ground (dunno the real name for this)
    8-8 pull-ups
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    I worked out 5 days this week.

    Even though my scores suck balls, I'm happy, but I don't feel so sore that I am bed ridden and completely unmotivated. Just gotta rest a bit and I`m gonna be good to go for next week.
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    this log is suffering from inactivity... Worked out 4 days last week.

    Note to self: reserve myself 10 minutes next tuesdays so that I can write a proper entry, instead of this measly summary.

    Made a DIY maize ball yesterday.
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    So much for the 10 minute on Tuesday.:?

    Sparred today --3 rounds. 4-5 rounds of ,2 rounds on the double end bags.

    I feel sleepy and somewhat light headed. I'm taking a lot of shots but slowly it's getting better. I have a big problem in that I raise my chin and close my eyes as if I was afraid of getting hit.

    I'm pretty sure it will go away with proper practice. Even while shadowboxing, I sometime turn my head while hooking/I don't look where I'm going/etc.

    I just need more time in front of the mirror.

    I'm gonna go for a run tonight and see how it goes.
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    I've been examining my lifestyle lately, and I just realize that I have to make many improvements.

    I've been thinking about a lot of things. Money is #1... Getting regular, normal sleep is #2... Nutrition #3.

    I really wish I had enough money right now, so I could just take time off work and I wouldn't be stressed about it.

    Ok... I'm gonna make a confession.I have a lot of social anxiety and often I feel very self-conscious.

    I have to say I like to work alone, and I don't often listen to people (even coaches,trainers).
    Sometime, I look not very approachable. People tell me I look always angry or stressed. I have good reasons to be angry,bitter at life but I want to leave that part of me behind so that I can get better at boxing (more specifically in this case, defense). Forgive,forget and move on so to speak.

    From this day on, I'm gonna make improvements in my attitude... I'm gonna start listenning, and I'm gonna start working with people. if only to improve my fledging defensive and add to the good humor at my gym!
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    Well, another day another journal...

    Time to put these new years resolutions into action.
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    24 minutes 2 miles.

    170 lbs @ 5'7

    Yes I know, I am out of shape and I am overweight. It is quite a frustrating experience.
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    Ok well I ran three times a day this week with similar result in average as the post before (best:21 minutes, worse 27).

    I skipped a day due to a ridiculous amount of procrastination.

    I truly think right now that the blocks are mental more then anything so I will post some more when I have more time (gotta go to work).
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    Ok, we'll I've been running 3 times a week for around 2 weeks now,I know it's nowhere near enough but

    I'm going to go back to the gym tommorow. I feel pretty shameful my effort has been largely inconsistent (and I know it looks really bad), but I know also that shame is a toxic emotion, I have to go through it and that's it's never too late to turn things back around.

    Even if I'm out of shape and I suck today, it doesn't mean I can't become good later on down the road.
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    Jan 8, 2006
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    Jan 8, 2006
    “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

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    Cheers Puma.:happy

    Instead of running outside, I ran on a threadmill today. I clocked my 2 miles at something under 19 minutes at a 1.0 incline on the threadmill.

    My heartbeat at the end was 135. I guess I could work slightly harder.
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    Well, yesterday was my first boxing workout at the gym.

    7 rounds shadowboxing + 2 rounds movement only
    5 rounds heavy bag
    2 rounds on the double-end bag

    I'm re-starting sparring this saturday morning.

    I just saw somebody that I didn't see in a long time, and he told me I got better.It felt good to hear that because my coach takes a fairly hands-off approach to training (just a few word, do this, do that, work on this, work on that).
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    Will post more about my schedule and workout later on during the weekend.
    One thing that make me lose momentum are unexpected things, so I should predict the unpredictable.

    `As long as we persevere and endure, we can get anything we want`
    Mike Tyson