My opinion of this version of GGG

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by cleglue1, Sep 20, 2022.

  1. cleglue1

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    Dec 7, 2015
    The night of the fight I was really raising hell of how much GGG sucked. I have since rewatched the fight and I may have been being too harsh on the old man.

    1. Yes his game plan sucked from rounds 2 through 7.
    2. Golovkin was playing the role of the counterpuncher, he was pulling the trigger pretty quick there. (Maybe Banks had something to do with that)
    3. When Golovkin goes in the terminator mode (end of round 8, round 9 and round 10), he is pretty much unstoppable.
    4. Golovkin's terminator mode now looks like Rocky Balboa's fighting stance lol
    5. Golovkin was smothering Canelo's body attack well by not standing square and leaning into him.
    6. Golovkin can't punch well at angles anymore, needs to be standing still to throw effective combos. (Murata stood there for the taking)
    7. Golovkin could still possibly defeat anyone at 160.
    8. I don't think Golovkin had a gentlemen's agreement with Canelo, he had to conserve energy as much as he could.
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  2. navigator

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    Nov 5, 2017
    He was hardly that effective. He ground out the late rounds against a notorious sagger/fader who'd led the dance through the first eight. They weren't really emphatic, save for two or three eye-catching moments.

    We're agreed on this. He effectively let ⅔ of the bout pass him by in order to put the best he has left into the last four.

    If anything is going to make this forum unreadable, it's the rise and rise of 'I don't like how this fight went, so I'm calling it a fix' posts.
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  3. jmb1356

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    Sep 30, 2019
    Watching it on DAZN's Youtube channel, GGG looks like a 40 year old fighter. Unwillingness to throw, slower, his jab (one of his most effective tools in the first 2 fights is practically nonexistent).

    GGG will take the money for a Charlo fight and lose next is my prediction.
  4. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    First of all, don't blame it on Golovkin, Canelo's the guy who has had numerous fixed fights.

    Secondly, gentleman agreement? No this was an outright sparring session, Canelo could do what he liked and GGG must pitty pat jab for 95% of the fight.

    This was a basic non fight. Neither fighter were showing their IQ or the levels. It was simply Golovkin throwing barely commited jabs and also neverr following up whilst Canelo is spamming looping telegraphed left hooks to the head and jab or jab jab, right hook, hand to the hip. Just look at each fighter they're doing nothing skillful in comparison to how they fought the first and second fight.
  5. SpeedKills

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    Jan 7, 2009
    I think Golovkin is a very shrewd business man. If I understood correctly he has to defend his WBA belt vs Lara within 120 days after Canelo or be stripped (someone correct me if I’m wrong). With that in mind it’s possible he came in thinking payday and minimising risk before defending his belts at 160. And the little damage he took is what he bragged about post-fight. He really risked nothing in this fight. He just fattened his wallet.

    But then again I haven’t rewatched the fight like you TS. I presently have zero desire to ever revisit this fight.
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  6. Dance84

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    Oct 11, 2017
    Both fighters sucked that night enough with these sympathetic posts
  7. f1ght3rz

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    Jan 31, 2018
    God damn, he's 40 years old and a Middleweight. He wasted his prime fighting bums.

    Prime GGG was a monster. But we never saw prime GGG against anyone at all.

    GGG is a very, very good fighter, one of the best fighters we have seen in the last 10-15 years but people acting like he can beat father time.

    Nobody should've been surprised about the version we got on Saturday.

    He did better in the last couple of rounds because Clenelo gassed out.

    GGG is close to retirement. It's over guys. No reason to hype him and no reason to be disappointed.

    Father time is undefeated.
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  8. Reinhardt

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    Oct 4, 2016

    Reminded me of the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, absolutely nothing happened with rumors of the loser having an injury afterwards. I get the feeling both fights were money grabs with the outcome already agreed upon.
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  9. TFP

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    Feb 20, 2012
    he's washed, certainly at this weight and against this calibre of opponent... i tend to read too much into this fight either way, really.
  10. OldSchoolBoxing

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    Sep 30, 2021
    Golovkin was there to lose.

    He hardly ever used his right hand. The excuse was quickly created in social media: "His rib or liver was ill, and he was protecting that area", or " He didn't want to be countered and knocked out, that's why he used only his left jab".

    Canelo didn't attack Golovkin either. His excuse was similar: injury in his hand.

    Abel Sanchez gave the hint, he said it was like a friendly sparring. Lomachenko also said there's something unusual with Golovkin, he never used his right hand.

    And I'm amazed how naive people are. They can't see that this fight was not real and they attack those who point this out.

    Golovkin was the happiest person when it was announced he lost the fight. They hugged and embraced each other in the end of the fight, because they both became richer.

    Even in press conferences, Golovkin was sleepy and he had no ambition. I'm sure he didn't even train properly for this fight.

    People say "Golovkin is old and shot, that's why he was hesitant against Canelo". Then why was he so cruel against Murata 4 months ago? I wonder what same people say when. Golovkin viciously destroys his next opponent 160. I'm sure they will find an excuse.
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  11. MismatchHypejob

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    Aug 24, 2022
    Spot on. And the casual mongs make out like your some flat earth conspiracy theorist despite there being clear signs of a fix here and in a historically and currently corrupt "sport"
    Ive seen people constantly say this and its dumb as hell. I put my self through the suffering of watching that fight again. Golovkin was 95% pitty patty jabbing, slowly jabbing, pulling the jab. If he was so scared of countering why is he slowly pitty pattying, throwing slower probing jabs constantly?! Why was he throwing countless probing right hands? If he was scared of getting countered he'd be firing short sharp quick jabs like he was doing in the immediate fight prior as opposed to slow pitty pats. It doesnt make sensse and anyone suggesting Golovkin was hesitant to throw faster snappier jabs instead of slow pitty pat becuase of Canelo's countering are just point blank stupid.

    Golovkin took 2 or 3 fully cocked bombs from Canelo i think between rounds 2-5..and they, apart having Golovkin reset, didn't seem to have any effect on his legs and carried on as usual.

    Canelo's power is an absolute myth. He gives the illusion of hitting hard because his "explosive and fast movement" looks impressive but when his punches land it isn't actually knock out power.

    Billy Joe Saunders leant into a fully cocked uppercut from Canelo and not only wasn't dropped but his legs didnt go at all. Yes his eye went, but its not knockout power if your not at the very least wobbled.

    Plant, which was a fixed fight anyway, collapsed due to exhaustion. Kovalev was an obvious spar. That leaves Canelos run at 154..where he knocked out nobody but tiny no chin Khan.

    Canelo's power is a myth. Lemieux is undeniably a much harder puncher than Canelo. If you don't think so, then Im sorry your opinion is frankly irrelevant. Yes it was years ago, but look how Golovkin despatched of him. Stiff jabbed his face in. Yet Golovkin was so frightened of this guy (who he fought and beat clearly twice) that he could barely throw a stiff jab for 8 rounds.

    Some people may disagree that the fight was a fix. But it is undeniable in that Golovkin simply did not try to win

    It also explains why it was a boring fight.. Actually now i mentioned this, all of Canelos fights I think are clear fixes have been very freaking boring, like unbelievably so.
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  12. chacal

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    Jun 21, 2015
    gg sucked. And he sucked HARD.

    What you call "gg enters in terminator mode" it is actually "canelo gassed". While canelo had a little bit of gass in the tank, gg did NOTHING at all. And not because he didnt want to, but because he couldnt do **** but fighting on the backfoot avoiding canelo.

    Summing up, gg sucked. He can be glad that the judges were so generous with him.