Myth: Roberto Duran has a better resume than Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

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    Update 3/14/22: ** and *** are used to denote Duran's admitted use of PEDs as referenced on post 125 of this thread.

    *The ratings are approximated using annual ratings from The Ring prior to each fight and taking into account what the opponent did leading up to the fight but after the annual ratings were made (i.e. Hatton beat Collazo). Feel free to offer corrections.

    Here are the numbers:
    A. Top guy in the divison beaten (excluding themselves in rankings):
    a. Duran: 5 (Buchannan 72, De Jesus 74, Lampkin 75, De Jesus 78, Leonard 80)
    b. Mayweather: 8 (Genaro 98, Corrales 2001, Castillo I 2002, Castillo II 2002, Baldomir 2006, Cotto 2012, Alvarez 2013, Pacquiao 2015)
    c. Pacquiao: 4 (Barrera I 2003, Barrera II 2007, Marquez II 2008, Hatton 2009)
    B. Top 2-5 guys beaten (excluding themselves in rankings)
    a. Duran: 5** ( Viruet 77, Viruet 78**, Moore 83, Barkley 89, Palomino)
    b. Mayweather: 8 (Manfredy 98, Gatti 04, Mitchell 04, Judah 2006, Hatton 2007, Mosley 2010, Ortiz 2011, Guererro 2013)
    c. Pacquiao: 11 (Sasakul 98, Ledwaba 2001, Morales II 2006, Morales III 2006, Diaz 2008, Cotto 2009, Clottey 2010, Mosley 2011, Bradley II 2014, Bradley III 2016, Thurman 2018)
    C. Top 6-10 guys beaten:
    a. Duran: None, at a glance.
    b Mayweather: 5 (Chavez 2001, Corley 2004, DLH 2007, Maidana I 2014, Maidana II 2014)
    c. Pacquiao: 2 (Vargas 2016, Matthysse 2017)
    D: Top 5 guys moving up or down in weight immediately before fight:
    a. Duran: 4 (Kobayashi 71, Brooks 78 Castro 97 Bizarro)
    b. Mayweather: 1 (Marquez 2009)
    c. Pacquiao: 3 (Marquez 2011, DLH 2008, Algieri 2014)
    E. Loses between age 18 and 38 (when Maywetaher effectively retired)
    a. Duran 8 (De Jesus 72, Leonard 80***, Benitez 82, Laing 82, Hagler 83, Hearns 84, Sims 86, Leonard 89)
    b. Mayweather: 0
    C. Pacquiao: 6 (Sangsurat 99, Morales 2005, Bradley 2012, Marquez 2012, Mayweather 2015, Horn 2017)

    Mayweather and Pacquaio dominate the first two categories, which are most important, whereas Duran came out in front for most losses and beating guys who moved up or down. Duran categorically has a worse resume.

    Attempts to lionize Duran are generally based on treating his win over Leonard as the Holy Grail while ignoring that he quit in the rematch and managed 8 total loses, as shown above, in what should have been relevant points in his career. This, generally speaking, is done while downplaying that Mayweather moved up to his fifth weightclass to outclass an undefeated unified champ and heir apparent to the next generation at age 36 and followed it by outclassing the pfp best other than himself at age 38, two feats only accomplished by Floyd. Similarly, it is done while downplaying that Pacquiao's rise from jr. fly to welter is unheard of and likely will never be repeated.

    Late additions:
    Half of famers beaten:
    Duran: 4 (Leonard, Buchanan, Palomino, Cuevas)
    Mayweather: 7 (Marquez, Oscar, Cotto, Gatti, Mosley, and Pac+Canelo are locks)
    Pacquiao: 6 (Marquez, Oscar, Morales, Barrera, Mosley, Cotto)

    Suffice to say, guys like Hatton and Bradley may still get in.

    Lineal championships won:
    Duran: 1 (135, 147)
    Mayweather: 5 (130, 135, 147 in 06 and 2010, 154)
    Pacquiao: 5 (112, 126,130, 140, 147 in 2016)

    Records against reigning lineal champions:
    Duran: 2-2 (W Buchanan, Leonard; L Hagler, Hearns)
    Mayweather: 3-0 (W Hernandez, Baldomir, Mosley)
    Pacquiao: 3-1 ( W Sasakul, Barrera, Hatton; L Mayweather)
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    This is kinda like the how Larry Holmes ducked every one thread ?? No?
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    No, he doesnt because he lost to so many of them while Floyd is still unbeaten

    I have Floyd ranked well ahead of both Duran AND SRL

    He deserves it
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    How about Pacquiao? Seems closer to Duran's level.
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    How does the number of weight classes compare in Duran's day to the other two?
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    Prime Duran whoops both their asses it is what it is bro
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    They treat the rematch in New Orleans as if it was a no contest they clashed heads or something lol
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    Sven Ottke is a GOAT contender then.
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    I’m not a huge mayweather fan, but to downplay his resume is silly to me, it’s really, really good. Can’t say I've ever cared much for Duran either, but it’s an interesting thread backed by good stats. Obviously stats don’t tell the whole story, but they do count for something
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    Jr. fly started in 1990, jr. Feather started in 1978, jr bantam started in 88, jr middle started in 1973, super middle started in 88.

    Duran possibly could've campaigned at 168 in the mid 1980s if it were around, but otherwise this issue doesn't really seem to have affected him.

    I doubt that there were more active fighters at middle back then because boxing is more global now.
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    That's a concise summary of all of your posts.
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    You sound really butthurt. Mad at a bunch of numbers.
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