Nate Diaz's dad, uncrowned UFC LW champion Josh Thompson announces retirement

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    Sep 29, 2012
    Thompson has had quite the career competing in the biggest promotions across the world(UFC, Bellator, Pride etc) he reached the top of the sport winning the Strikeforce LW title and challenging for the UFC LW title in which he came up short in an extremely controversial decision. Although most remember him for the ass whooping he put on the extremely overrated Nate Diaz. Completely outclassing him before brutally stopping him with strikes. Long and underrated career that spanned from the early days of the sport to the modern era. Enjoy retirement champ you've earned it.
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  2. MidniteProwler

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    Sep 19, 2012
    Yep I remember him exposing Nate Diaz as a total bum. Diaz can pretend to be a gangster all he likes but he will always remember that Thompson is his Daddy.
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    Oct 1, 2007
    Didn't Nate Diva Diaz say that Thompson just ran from him in their fight ? Brother Nick had to cry out "no mas" to stop the brutal assault.
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    The Diaz KO/TKO was brutal.

    Diaz has an ungodly chin, but Josh found the sweet spot. Boy, did he find it too!

    Shame we never got to see him capitalise on that win.

    Shame we never got to see him in with Penn or Gomi, too.

    He was a great fighter, very overlooked, and a handful for ANY LW on his best day.

    Seem's like Josh goes from one extreme to the other. Brutally stops Diaz, or gets stopped brutally by Edwards (another LW great, and that KO was MASIVE at the time).

    Josh will have a good career as a commentator. Very sharp, knowledgeable guy, who will bring a lot to the microphone.
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