Nathan Heaney Documentary Premiere

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  1. Jack Dawson

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    Jan 3, 2024
    PREM Management have spent over two years following Stoke-on-Trent boxer Nathan Heaney, creating a documentary and following his journey to becoming British Middleweight Champion.

    We are inviting Nathan fans and boxing fanatics to meet Nathan, hear him talk us through his British Middleweight champion fight, punch by punch and to watch the premiere of a behind the scenes, all access documentary 'Road to Manchester' with unseen footage and insight into the life of a British champion.

    Tickets are selling fast for this event, so grab yours while you can.

    The evening, in partnership with L D Property, hosted in the Tony Waddington Suite at the bet365 Stadium (Stoke-on-Trent), on January 26th 2024 will consist of a three course meal, Nathan talking us through his British title winning fight and the premiere of the 'Road to Manchester' documentary., as well as photo opportunities with Nathan and both of his professional belts. for tickets.

    Thanks so much for reading!
  2. Canvas-KO

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    Mar 20, 2024
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    This could headline the next Magnificent Seven show. I think Adames wins this one comfortably. I’m surprised they aren’t cashing Heaney out against Sheeraz.
  3. Beale

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    Feb 13, 2023
    Watched the documentary on TNT Sports and really enjoyed it.

    Really humble guy, no expectations, simply giving his all to the sport and see how far he can go attitude.

    Great fight last week and looking forward to more good nights.
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  4. Murderers' Row

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    Apr 23, 2020
    I thought he was just another Stokey knob but he's actually a really nice lad. Safe to say that I've become a bit of a fan.

    Well done lad (fighters are reading this forum)
  5. Bfcad

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    Dec 10, 2022
    Agree totally, I've become a fan his last few fights. He seems a nice guy, seems dedicated to the sport and has been in some really entertaining fights that have turned into wars when both him and his opponent have had to show heart and give it their all.

    Deserves that big fight night in Stoke they have been talking of for a while
  6. Dragon Punch

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    Sep 15, 2012
    I see on the socials they are saying he’s fighting Carlos Adames for the Interim WBC title at Stoke June 8th. Good fight- hopefully a solid undercard for that too.
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  7. Wizbit1013

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    Mar 17, 2018
    Well that was quick
  8. TED 822

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    Jul 10, 2012
    Not the best boxer in the country but the most interesting character. I watched the bit about him delivering tickets. The back story with his dad is good. IAd like to know more about his teaching career, assume hes a PE guy, and the rest of his story.
  9. LegsAreShaky

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    Nov 2, 2023
    Ambitious fighting a guy who beat Derev coming off a draw against the English champion …