Natural Boxing and MMA

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    Aug 2, 2014
    Is there a word for this? You are only involved to train in nature. So if you need a punching bag you would use a soft tree. If you need to practice your wrestling you would wrestle an animal like deer or wild pig. You would train your reflexes on snakes and watch how animals fight and take that in for your own use but of course modified so that it works for humans. With training against other humans it is unnatural and the risks are much lower but with wild animals there is a real risk as they will always go all out therefore helping you to train and be better and more confident in turn. You are only allowed to train with other humans under the guise that it is self defense only and it has to be in rural-like areas with no equipment . And I wanna go one step further and incorporate meditation or mindset type of thing with the fighting.
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