Need some help with my skipping

Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by jimmy007878, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. jimmy007878

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    Jun 12, 2020
    Hey recently I got this massive revelation that rather than skipping on both feet I should switch them that means I need to do boxer skips for warmup, I do 3 rounds of 3 minutes to start with my warm up.
    Here I'm getting a problem, after I done with my warmup I got exhausted and that's shame for me, am I too old(30) to train for boxing? what technique should I use with the skipping so I could do it perfect without getting tired, thanks for advice in advance!!
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    Nov 2, 2019
    Skipping is hard but like running you need to build up to it. You wouldnt train for a marathon by going out and running 26miles....

    Shamelessly borrowed from the BBC's couch to 5k app that i used for both running and skipping after recovery from a long illness. Start by doing these.... start wherever you feel comfortable.

    You repeat the same set 3 times a week. The idea is the session 1 is hard, session 2 is medium, session 3 should be much easier. The following session is a big increase so the cycle starts again. It helps the weakest link in the chain get stronger progressively rather than overstressing it but it being masked by its inherent strength (and then causing a major failure).

    1min on / 1.30min rest x8
    90secs on / 2mins rest x6
    1min30 on /1min30 rest / 3mins on / 3 mins off / x2
    3min on / 1.30min rest / 5min on / 2.5mins off / 3 mins on / 1.30 off / 5 mins on.

    If this starts to work for you, download the app and follow it through. By the end you should be skipping for 30 minutes! Seriously though, you'll be amazed how quickly you'll adapt to it.


    As for technique i vary between boxer, alternate feet, V8 and normal just to stop me getting bored.


    One last thing, make sure you stretch your calves. Youre not designed to be on your toes all day so you will be seriously working your calves. Failure to do so can cause shortness of the muscle, which can lead to ankle and foot pain (especially the planter) as it starts to pull your foot into a different plane.
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  3. jimmy007878

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    Jun 12, 2020

    thanks for the advice bro!!
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    Jun 24, 2019
    It helps with the rhythm to play music, or sing a song while skipping.
  5. JamesLightsOutToney

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    Jul 4, 2019
    I wouldn't advice singing while skipping as it would kill your breath but music can help keeping a pace and measuring your progress. Try to start with a 120bpm mix or even lower if you struggle and then go up in bpm.
    The one advice I would give is to check how you breath. I can't say it's the best way to go for everyone, but for me it worked: forget exhaling with your mouth and just breath in and out with your nose. Pretty much like in boxing. It keeps you going much longer Imo
    Other thing: if you tire out because of your arms (instead of your breath), try alternating which part of your arms you are using most while skipping. Like, if I want to rest the shoulders a bit, I'll use the wrists more etc. You can swap the type of jumps for the same purpose
    Hope it helps
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    Nov 2, 2011
    Stretch, breath, relax and work on your technique. Find your rhythm and once youre comfortable you can up your tempo.

    FFS 30 is not too old. If you have to even ask that then you're simply just inexperienced and out of shape. Keep at it. I known 60-70 y.o that still train on the regular...

    By the way, skipping is a skill like any other. It takes practise so work on it