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    Covington matches up pretty well with Usman, but will never win because he has zero knockout ability. That's what separates them h2h. He can match Usman in terms of wrestling, stamina/workrate and even hang in the standup, but eventually the difference in power was the difference maker, and will likely happen sooner this time in the rematch. I've always said Usman will be very hard to beat, no active WW wrestler beats him because he'll just turn it into a striking match and beat them there, and most strikers that have a good chance he just takes down and beats up. Seems to be falling in love with his power though, and that gives someone like Luque a chance more than he might have had before. Another thing helping Luque out is that he's also not totally inept on the ground, very much looking forward to seeing him get his crack at the belt.
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