Nick No Mas Diaz

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by shanemfr, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. shanemfr

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    Aug 29, 2004
    He just flat out quit.
  2. Ph33rknot

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    Mar 5, 2012
  3. lobk

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    Jul 19, 2004
    I'm not suprise. It looked like he got of the couch last week and did a few laps to get ready for the fight.
  4. Samart'sTeep

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    Nov 17, 2019
    Why do so many fighters think they can just party and live sedentary lifestyles for years away from fighting and then come and think everything's gonna be like it was? It takes a special athlete to come back from years of layoff, and they almost always kept training in the meantime to keep up their fitness and skills. Look at how much struggle even truly great fighters like Georges St-Pierre, Muhammad Ali and Ray Leonard had doing it. As much as people loved Diaz for his gangster attitude, he never really fully dedicated himself to the sport. He was smoking weed like it was out of style his entire career. There's a reason, even at his peak, he lost to Condit. It's really crazy how undisciplined so many fighters really are.
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  5. Terry94

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    Apr 20, 2017
    Was disappointing to see. I originally thought he hurt his leg as he held it when he ref came over, then when the ref waves the fight of he got straight up and embraced Lawler.

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  6. Suspect.chin

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    Dec 3, 2017
    He shouldn’t have even been in there
  7. mark ant

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    May 4, 2017
    He was badly out of shape.
  8. Brixton Bomber

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    Sep 21, 2013
    Condit was always a legit top 3 guy though.
  9. Brixton Bomber

    Brixton Bomber Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Sep 21, 2013
    Just goes to show that ring rust is real.
  10. Deew

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    May 4, 2009
    The strange thing is that Nick lives in the gym, he's always on the mat; and last year he was more ripped than he was this weekend and even did a trial weight cut at one stage

    Yet in the pre-fight pics last week he looked like a potato. strange
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