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  1. UncleDenny

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    Apr 3, 2012
    I think the only chance Tyson would have had against Ali if a trigger happy ref gave him a TKO. Ali would have never stayed down for the count. I just don't see Tyson winning by decision.
  2. KidDynamite

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Power - Tyson
    Speed - Tyson
    Skill - Tyson
    Chin/durability/punch resistance - Tyson
    Stylistic advantage - Tyson
    Stamina - Frazier

    Tyson almost always won the first round (and many times by KO, as we all know) and Frazier almost always lost it. Tysons accurate, combination bombs would put away Frazier faster than Foreman's did.

    Maybe your smallish brain forgot that Holyfield was a cruiser then and didn't make his debut at heavyweight until '88. By then Tyson was undisputed and had just come off annihilating Spinks. Holyfield didn't become a contender until Tyson lost and then Mike going to prison ended their scheduled bout.

    Tyson always beats Frazier.
  3. Stevie G

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    Jul 17, 2009

    I'd rate Tyson in the bottom half of of my heavyweight top ten.
  4. hookfromhell

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    May 5, 2011
    I feel Mike is a little underrated these days. To be honest I believe his
    80s run alone is enough to crack the top 10. Youngest heavyweight champ,
    undefeated, unified, undisputed, and lineal champ by what 22? He beat a
    lot of solid superheavies, came back out of the can and still became champ
    and was one of the best in a stacked division. His punch resistance was second
    To Only Ali. I commented on another thread that the punishment a shot
    Mike took from Lewis was sickening yet inspiring in that no matter what
    He got hit with he kept coming forward. I cant see peak Frazier losing
    to anyone in the first couple, I think Mike would stop him midway but
    Frazier had mad heartt as well. Joe had a hard life and being a fighter
    from Philly means something, that you never wilt even if you get stopped.
    Same thing with Mike, that hook is coming from a bad place, the streets
    of Brooklyn. The only way Mike isnt in your top 10of is if you have a bunch
    of oldtimers on it. Mikes pretty much a boxing historian too which is
  5. rusak

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    Sep 28, 2012
    lol Oh yes he would. That shot that Cooper knocked Ali down with is nothing compared to what Tyson could hit him with.

    I think Tyson's destruction of older Holmes doesn't bode well for prime Holmes, and, to a lesser extent, prime Ali. Tyson had the foot speed and hand speed to catch up to Ali.
  6. rusak

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    Sep 28, 2012
    Tyson beats Frazier down quick because Frazier started way too slow and would not be able to avoid the bombs that Tyson would be throwing. Once Frazier is hurt (and he will be hurt if/when Tyson lands), he's food for Tyson.
  7. PhillyPhan69

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    Dec 20, 2006
    We could say that likewis you support th NY fighter. I am a big Frazier phan no doubt, but I don't feel I am blnded by fandom in this case. I wouldn't pick any other Philly guy to beat Tyson, although he should have fought Spoon in what could have been a semi comptitive fight. I thinkTyson does better against Lewis than Joe, but I like Joe's style better against and ali or Holmes...I also Like Joe H2H against tyo...so while yes I am a fan, I don't think I am blned by that. ou like Tyson early...I like joe to wear him down late....These seem tobe the 2 most popular theories..I will tick w/ mine, I just don't lik the simplisic "Tyson does verything better" type of comments. I think that is to simplistic as both guys havedifferent typeof strengths. I like Joe inside and Tyson from mid rage, which is whr most of this will be fought from. I just think Joe accomplishes his plan better. Pace
  8. MagnaNasakki

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    Jan 21, 2006
    I think he sits at the lower end of my top 10, h2h.

    He's one of, if not the best, offensive heavyweights ever.

    He was also not too difficult to hit, and fairly weakminded.

    Ali might be the only one I pick over Mike with absolute confidence, though, mainly because Muhammad would win the fight before the bell rang.

    Mike is in with a chance with anybody, though, even the ones who are flat out better than he is. That speed, and that power...He was a damn weapon.
  9. PhillyPhan69

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    Dec 20, 2006
    Not that i agree w/ your advantage points, but that can be spun multiple ways

    Work rate- Frazier
    Inside fighting- Frazier
    mid range- Tyson
    Grows stronger as fight progresses- Frazier

    Marvis perhaps, other than that you are sadly mistaken!
  10. Sangria

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    Nov 13, 2010
    I've got Tyson #1 head to head. I believe his win/loss record against the field would be better than anyone else, including Ali. God bless him but Frazier's balls of steel didn't help him against Foreman and it won't help him against a better offensive arsenal like Tyson's. And Mike was groomed from an early age to beat the jabbers, movers, boxers of his era like Holmes. You need some massive firepower to put Tyson away and Ali and Holmes don't possess enough of it.
  11. Azzer85

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Are you trying to say that Tyson ducked Holyfield? and that he would duck Frazier too?

    That Damn Tyson, been fooling me all these years. His whole 'loss' to Buster Douglas and his prison stint, all of this just to duck Holyfield.

    As for the Frazier/Tyson argument, Tyson would have a much easier time against Frazier than he would against Holmes, Ali, Lewis or Holyfield or even Liston and thats because Tyson wouldnt have to go far to look for Frazier.

    Going by their losses, the way to beat Tyson was to outbox him, avoid damage yourself, take him into later rounds and then Ko him when he was tired. Douglas, Holyfield and Lewis all executed this gameplan and took very little damage in return.

    Frazier fights nothing like that. The way to beat Frazier (going by his losses) was to outbomb him (Foreman) or try and outbox him to a decision (Ali). Had Ali had a bit more firepower, the Frazier fights may not have been as competitive as they were. Just because Joe went life and death with Ali, doesnt automatically mean hes going to stand there and be able to trade with a guy like Tyson. Totally different styles.
  12. PhillyPhan69

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    Dec 20, 2006
    Ducked/Avoided/delayed- Holy, Ruddock, Spoon, Foreman....Absolutely.....

    2nd question...That would seem to be the most likely scenerio
  13. BoxingFanPhil

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    Jan 29, 2013
    There's been some great debate on this (and that's all it is because nobody really knows). I mean boxing has some strange outcomes.

    It's seems so logical now that Foreman destroyed Joe Fraser. Seems like a foregone conclusion - at the time it was shocking. That one defeat alone tarnished Frasier in a way that Ali's defeats to Frasier or Norton never did.

    Tyson got wobbled by Frank Bruno. He knocked out at the end of his career by Danny Williams. Neither Frank nor Danny are kittens, but neither of them are ever going to be considered punching monsters.

    Tyson displayed a cracked psychological profile. He has admitted that he would get scared before fights... For anyone strong enough mentally, Tyson could be vulnerable. The psychological issue with Buster - a man with literally nothing left to lose it would seem, or with Holyfield, a man who never got bullied in his life - wow they seemed to take more than an advantage out of that.

    I can't get away from the fact that Tyson (in my opinion) couldn't punch like Foreman. I'm not saying that Tyson couldn't hurt Frasier - of course I'm not - but Frasier got hurt plenty and he was so durable. His heart was, in my opinion, much bigger than Tyson's. While I could see Tyson winning the early rounds, hurting Frasier too, I think Tyson would tire and I think he would start to lose the mental battle when Frasier started to come to life as the fight got on.

    By the time we're in rounds eight and nine, I'm looking at a tired and weary Mike Tyson, and a puffy and riled up Joe Frasier who is starting to leather left hooks to the head and body.

    I think Ali could take those shots because he had an incredible chin. Of all his many gifts I am lost for words with how good Ali's chin was, and how good his instincts were when he got hurt.

    But Tyson? I see him going down.

    The only way I see Tyson winning is if he proved me wrong on his power and almost replicated George Foreman's all out blitzkrieg in the opening rounds before Joe warmed himself up. I just can't see it any other way.

    This is no disrespect to either fighter, and I don't have a crystal ball, so my opinion is no more or less valid than anyone else's. What a fight it would be!

  14. brnxhands

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    Sep 1, 2011
    two philly fans in one thread picking joe. thats interesting lol
  15. KidDynamite

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Frank Bruno isn't a monster puncher??

    You morons are really beyond help

    There isn't a heavyweight in existence, past, present, or future that had the blend of power, speed, and chin that Tyson had