Opinions of DAZN coverage

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Have they?

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  1. Bob Flaps

    Bob Flaps Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 30, 2019
    There's a reason we don't wear anything under our kilts up here ;)
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  2. Bob Flaps

    Bob Flaps Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 30, 2019
    Yeah, I've booked TNT before, just haven't seen mention of it on Sky yet. It looks like Sky are (understandably) getting their marketing in before TNT goes on sale. You can book the Sky version now!
  3. syldave

    syldave Member Full Member

    Apr 11, 2011
    TNT were advertising it heavily during last weeks champion league games, interesting you can book on Sky now nothing is showing on my boxes but I’ll wait for TNT to anyway as I prefer their coverage.
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  4. ash234

    ash234 Active Member Full Member

    Dec 17, 2023
    15 quid now and anything decent is PPV. Basically paying 15 quid for 1 ‘Next Gen’ card a month. Absolute rip off.
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  5. Kev2k83

    Kev2k83 Active Member Full Member

    Sep 30, 2023
    The canelo cheerleading was a new low for these gobshites.

    Worst I've seen yet.

    Even bellows would be hard pressed to top it.
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  6. Beale

    Beale Boxing Addict Full Member

    Feb 13, 2023
    Cannot understand why 173 UK citizens are still subscribing to DAZN UK.
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  7. Jamesofthenorth

    Jamesofthenorth New Member Full Member

    Oct 15, 2023
  8. Astro

    Astro Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 29, 2021
    So if you are an existing DAZN UK customer and order Fury vs Usyk PPV you pay the same as everyone else or am I wrong ?
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  9. Noel857

    Noel857 I Am Duran Full Member

    Mar 24, 2019
    Just for interest @Beale where do you get your figures from?
  10. sniffmybadger

    sniffmybadger Relationships are not my forte Full Member

    Jan 20, 2010

    I unsubscribed over a year ago, always imagined I'd return as I hate missing out on good boxing, but I never did in the end. There's been the odd big international fight like Garcia vs Haney I'd like to have watched, but I'm to old to stay up for fights in the US these days. I'm mostly into good domestic dust ups and Matchroom haven't put much on this year, certainly nothing to make me return anyway.
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  11. Bob Flaps

    Bob Flaps Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 30, 2019
    Seems it's 4 pence dearer on DAZN than Sky, @Astro :)

    And yes, doesn't seem like there's any benefit to being an existing subscriber. Just 4p more.

    Nobody on here really trying to defend it recently either. Last couple of years there were occasional highlight cards or fights, but the last 6-9 months there's been very little.
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  12. Beale

    Beale Boxing Addict Full Member

    Feb 13, 2023
    Dramashow's PA leaks them
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  13. Beale

    Beale Boxing Addict Full Member

    Feb 13, 2023
    Any non DAZN UK subscriber wanting to buy DAZN UK Box Office events will have to subscribe for at least one month although they may give it for free.

    The previous time this was done for the Joshua fight I think, buyers quickly found there was zero UK based cards in the following month with many buyers being charged for 1 month's subscription, having failed to cancel the subscription on the day of purchase, as phone number not displayed on website and live shat in meltdown.

    Might be time for you to throw DAZN UK in the bin leaving them with 171 subscribers.
  14. ZiggerZagger

    ZiggerZagger Active Member Full Member

    Mar 13, 2012
    My bad , I mis read your point being players get additional fees on top of anything else because its a cup game.

    At lower levels (ie non full time) 99% of players I know of get paid by the week , x amount of weeks per year, whether they play 1 , 2 or 3 games that week etc they get no additional appearance money, some do have win bonuses, goal bonus, clean sheet bonus etc.

    Contracted players are different , they cannot be paid anything outside of their contract, typically a club would put cup bonuses in en block as a % of the cup prize money so in that respect it doesn't cost anything if the club doesnt earn cup prize money in the 1st place.

    Top level players are different again , a club chairman just a couple of weeks ago said to me , why am i paying him 50 grand a week to then have to pay him more to actually play, all that after paying an 8 figure fee for him ! That 'appearance fee' has all but disappeared but is of course built back in to the contracted annual salary. It's much more prevalent in young and upcoming players contracts where the gap between their wage and that of what it should be if they were in the 1st team is so vast it is made up by way of an appearance fee, once they move on to first team squad player their next contract will reflect that but will very rarely include the appearance fee anymore.

    I too remember the days of my season ticket book (no flashy contactless cards around then) had 5 or 6 'cup vouchers' at the back, hardly ever used in my clubs case back then though, but still times change and its seen as an expense they can eliminate, I know some clubs these days still deem ST's non transferable even though they banked the cash long ago.
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  15. Bob Flaps

    Bob Flaps Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 30, 2019
    I remember when season tickets were so rare they were basically ID cards with photos on, totally non-transferable etc! And lived through the era of raffle ticket books and onto plastic cards, which I hate. Apps even more so...

    Good story for you since you've been so close to it - I know a player at a mid level Scottish club who was player of the year in his final contracted season; he was on 2 grand a week and offered 3 plus enhancements to stay, but accepted 5k/week to play for another, slightly bigger club. He didn't check the details and the 5 was actually 2 basic + 3 appearance money per match, assuming a league game per week. For the first season it was mostly OK as cups meant playing more than once a week, but then of course he got dropped, new manager didn't fancy him, and he was basically back to square one. It affected his form and he never got near earning the money he deserved. Out on loan at an even smaller club who paid a portion of the 2k/week basic to get him.