Otto Wallin stated that he must fight Fury.

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    Jul 29, 2018
    That's ridiculous. How can you say someone who best win is beating Brezeale (AJ 9th best opponent he has beaten and Wallin wasn't impressive in this fight ) and who struggled against a journeyman recently in Sokolowski, beat proven top quality top fighter such as Povetkin, Parker, Whyte, Ruiz and Pulev? I'd back an even now past it Takam to still beat Wallin and Charles Martin is 50/50 fight.
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    May 4, 2009
    Joyce would take a Fury fight

    Parker previously stated he never wants a Fury fight but who knows
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    Jun 6, 2022
    Breazeale is AJ's 8th best win after Wlad, Povetkin, Ruiz 2, Whyte, Parker, Pulev and Takam. Martin doesn't count because he purely came to collect a cheque and didn't put up a modicum of resistance. He was no different to Scott in the Wilder fight, or Molina in AJ's 2nd defence.

    Wallin was barely hit by Sokolowski and won a wide decision. It was a cruise control activity fight on a week's notice against a journeyman. If Wallin had taken damage you'd have a case.

    "top quality top fighter"


    Green Whyte's best win before he gave AJ hell was probably washed up journeyman Brian Minto. He ducked Wallin in his prime and has no southpaw experience.

    What were Ruiz's best wins before he demolished AJ? Liakhovich and Kevin Johnson, both washed up journeymen by that point. Ruiz went 10 rounds with both, got hit a lot by both and lost as many as 4 and 3 rounds in those fights respectively. Breazeale is better than those journeymen and Wallin schooled him 10-2. Ruiz would duck Wallin and has no southpaw experience.

    Parker has a history of being happy to lose, has tough fights with the likes of Junior Fa and has almost no southpaw experience.

    Before his 13 month layoff, Pulev had a much harder than expected fight with a journeyman that Wallin recently schooled. Before that he had a war with Bogdan Dinu. He hadn't looked good in more than 2 years.

    Povetkin is the only one who would have a good chance against Wallin. But he's a very small heavyweight by today's standards and was coming off a war with David Price. He hadn't looked good since he KO'd 24 hours notice Duhaupas, which he was three fights removed from.

    Late sub Takam isn't even worth talking about. He's unambiguously worse than Chisora.

    You claim that Whyte is a "top top heavyweight" but how do you square that with not landing a single non-rabbit power punch to Fury's head in 6 rounds and getting one-punched? Whereas Wallin took Fury 12 rounds and won 3 on the cards. Nearly all of AJ's best wins are Chisora level and like Whyte, Chisora couldn't do anything with Fury. We can gauge as much or more from those LOSSES as we can from any of the wins.
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    Jul 29, 2018
    Didn't Warren state they had an agreement with Parker to step in and fight Fury if Whyte didn't agree to the terms?
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    Aug 19, 2020
    Wallin needs to defeat someone better than Breazeale then. He should call out Whyte as that would make a lot more sense. He should call whyte a ***** and a ducker and get Whyte to fight him to either shut Wallin up or retire whyte.
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    Nov 3, 2021
    Otto Wallin showed the best of all Tyson Fury's opponents during his "second career".
    That fight (Tyson Fury Vs Otto Wallin 2) is much more interesting to me than Tyson Fury Vs Derek Chisora 3.

    Now, we can say that Deontay Wilder gave more resistance to Tyson Fury, due to 4 knockdowns.
    But how many rounds did Deontay Wilder win in the 30-round trilogy against Tyson Fury?
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    Oct 18, 2010
    Whyte wound lay waste to Wallin
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    Jun 6, 2022
    Maybe instead of rematching a mediocre fighter he has already beaten, Fury could fight someone new? Maybe even take a risk and fight someone decent?
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    Apr 23, 2022
    I doubt it.
  10. ikrasevic

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    Nov 3, 2021
    If a cut like that (Otto Wallin fight) happened in a fight with Usyk, the referee or the doctor would stop the fight.

    Of course I support you that Tyson Fury fights immediately for the undisputed champion.
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    May 31, 2010
    I hope you’ve got plenty of time on your hands pal; going toe to toe with the Mitch room algorithm is a GRUELLING prospect. God speed, son.
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    Jun 6, 2022
    Taking an average of the official scores, Wilder won 5 rounds in the 1st fight and 3 rounds in the 3rd (zero in the second). So that's 8 of the 28 rounds completed.

    Wallin by contrast won 3 of 12 officially but it should be acknowledged that Wallin was the B-side while Wilder was both the home fighter and the A-side. On paper, Wilder won a greater proportion of rounds against Fury than Wallin.

    Wallin did land more punches on Fury than any prior Fury opponent (127) beating Chisora's first fight record of 115, though Chisora took 295 back for his troubles, whereas Wallin took 179.

    It's fair to say that the first 6 rounds of Fury-Wallin were highly competitive, more so in pure boxing terms than the Wilder fights or the Wlad fight.

    Wallin stayed on his feet and went the full 12 rounds with Fury, which Wilder and Whyte have failed to do now in three consecutive fights.

    Wilder came closer to winning though: he was just a point away on a single scorecard, or half a second in the 12th round, or a subjective refereeing call.
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    Apr 4, 2012
    To otto or not to otto, that is the question .
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    Oct 18, 2010
    Whyte has far better wins. I don’t even like whyte and you can check my post history on that
  15. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    People argue Ottomatic doesn't deserve a shot at the champ but he did better against Fury in one fight than that bum from Tuscaloosa did in three and the later didn't even deserve a rematch against Fury after getting getting baptized in his own church and being too much of a gutless chicken to fight Fury in his even once.

    He should be 0-3 against Fury on his own soil and didn't deserve a second shot at redemption let alone a third.