Otto Wallin stated that he must fight Fury.

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    Mar 5, 2018
    There's no compelling reason for him to have "next" for Fury.

    Wallin's claim to fame is that - excluding those rounds where Wilder knocked down Fury - he probably managed to win one more round against Fury in one fight than Wilder and Whyte collectively did across four fights.

    He's a very skillful boxer - but what he isn't is exciting. He can give most opponents a boxing lesson - but he's not a big puncher. He couldn't miss against Breazeale but never looked like stopping him despite landing a few hundred shots on him. Breazeale has a bit better chin than some, but he'd seen better days by the time Otto got a hold of him.
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    Whyte has better wins is true . but does he " lay waste ' ' to much good opponents? he usual did close decision. or tough struggle fights. Wallin did good with Fury so might have good chance .
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    The fact Fury fought one bum three times doesn't mean he should fight others a 2nd (Wallin) or 3rd (Chisora) time. He should try and fight a decent guy he hasn't faced before, if he wants to actually build a good resume.
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    Even though that math is off now, Wallin is far more deserving of a shot against Fury than Chisora. He took arguably 5 to 6 rounds off of Fury and had him reeling in the final round. Quite frankly, had that been anyone else with a cut that horrid, they'd have stopped the fight and awarded the TKO victory to Wallin. It was every bit as gruesome as Vitali's TKO6 cut.