Pacquiao the clout chaser

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    Due to great media promotion, Pacquiao is often thought of as a valiant, brave warrior who takes on all comers in multiple weight classes. However, this is not always the case. He is indeed a great champion and will no doubt go into the hall of fame. He gave us some amazing wars and memorable performances such as the Marquez and Bradley rivalries, beating the snot out of Cotto and Margarito, etc.

    But let's be honest. The modern version of Pacquiao is like a wolf with no teeth. I'm not sure when this change occurred, but he is not only less intense in the ring but less intense with his demeanor and approach to fights/willingness to make fights. He has become far more strategic and careful in his match making and goes for the lowest risks for the highest reward. Is that "wrong"? No, from a financial standpoint that is what a boxer is supposed to do. And as I alluded to before, Pacquiao has earned his stripes and is in a position to go for smooth sailings rather than brave uncharted waters.

    But it's frustrating because he is contributing to an ongoing problem in boxing where the best aren't fighting the best. When Crawford became undisputed at 140 that gave me a glimpse of hope that we'd finally start being able to narrow down who the true #1 in all these divisions were. Then Usyk became undisputed. Ward came close but retired due to injuries. Recently Lopez has gotten 3 of the 4 major sanctioning bodies in his division. There's still hope.

    But while we have had some great fights made that push us closer to undisputed status, there have been just as many disappointments. Keith Thurman had 2 belts, then got plagued with injuries and disappeared. Spence vs Thurman was a dream matchup that got ruined, made worse by the fact Pacuiao upset him. Ok great, that means Pacman still has something left in the tank and we can at least see Pac vs Spence for a unification, right? They're both on PBC so it shouldn't be a problem...right...?

    Pacquiao even stated he wanted to fight the winner between Spence and Mikey Garcia back in 2019. Surely after Spence put on a clinic outboxing the undefeated skilled p4p fighter Mikey this should be an easy fight to make? Nope. Didn't happen. After beating Thurman Pacuiao did nothing the rest of the year and didn't pursue the fight.

    Pacquiao name dropped Lomachenko numerous times around this time frame. Lomachenko, the guy from 2 divisions below who lacks power and has less than 20 fights. Apparently this would be a "dream" matchup. Anyone with an ounce of objectivity knows even an old Pacman would run through him like a steak knife through butter. No doubt Pacman wanted to have that nice feather in his cap, being a seasoned veteran boxer taking down a rising p4p sensation. This is a pattern in Pacuiao's name dropping/opponent selection. More on that later.

    Fast forward to 2020 and a similar situation occurs. This time Pacuiao witnessed Spence's demolition of Danny Garcia, praised him, and said he would like to face Spence. A few weeks later he repeated his desire to face Spence along with other possible opponents such as Crawford or UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor. What happens...?

    Conor gets knocked out in his return bout in the UFC, so logically Pacuiao should be able to make a fight with either Crawford or Spence--whom he has expressed interest in fighting TWICE now. But then...

    What? Ryan Garcia? The guy from 2 divisions below?

    Ok, at this point you would have to be delusional to believe Pacuiao whenever he say he wants to fight the guys at 147. First he expresses interest in fighting Lomachenko, then Mikey Garcia, then Ryan. All guys from 1-2 divisions below him. He name drops the 147 guys then does a bait and switch. Worst of all, he is holding the 147 WBA belt hostage and has neither defended it nor attempted to unify. It gets really annoying knowing we could have been had a guy with at least 3 belts had Pac either sucked it up and fought someone or dropped his belt. I don't get the point in holding onto the WBA belt and then not defending it against people in that division.

    But I just wanted to point something out about Pacuiao's opponent selection. Other than Mayweather (who himself moved up from a lower divison) and a post injury Thurman coming off of a layoff, he hasn't really fought any real welterweights. Tim Bradley was a 140 guy moving up and lacked power--ditto for Chris Algieri who couldn't crack and egg and fought at a catchweight. Rios was a flat footed slugger with medicore defense who also moved up from 140 and was tailor made for Pacuiao. He called out Danny Garcia who was, once aggain, a guy moving up from 140. Or Mathyse who was a big deal at 140 but didn't really accomplish jack at 147 and was way past his prime by the time Pacuiao fought him.

    Pacuiao doesn't want any smoke with any real prime bonafide welterweights. And that's ok. This isn't about tearing down his resume, I am simply showing that his words don't line up with his actions. He has more than earned his respect and deserves a big payday before he retires (and hopefully stays retired). I will not be mad at him if he drops the WBA belt, in fact I encourage it because I don't feel like going through anymore of this beating around the bush and name dropping. Let someone like say Porter or Ugas fight for the vacant belt so we can get the ball rolling. I will not be mad if he fights Ryan or feasts on tomato cans, he can make money however he wishes provided it is legal and not damaging to his health. I'm just tired of the bait and switch games. If you aren't confident you can win, stop calling out the big name fighters for clout and sit down somewhere.
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    the only thing contributing to the best not fighting the best is the federations.
    everyone else is just manipulating the system, so you're essentially shooting the messenger.

    nothing will ever change until there is one federation.
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    Pac is a unique draw and would have pull even with a single global governing body/promotion. Perhaps not as much though, may have at least had to give up the belt or make a nominal defense.

    Likewise I worry some aren't making other moves because they think they might hold the winning ticket for the Pacquiao cashout lottery.

    One area I do disagree I think beating Ryan Garcia or Loma at 140 or below would mean a little something. It's marginal but it's not nothinng.
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    Which is why I wrote in my original post that beating Loma would be a "nice feather in Pacuiao's cap" regardless of the weight differenec. Same thing for Ryan. If either goes on to have hall of fame worthy careers Pacuiao can boast that he beat them while they were still in their primes. I never said a win over either of them would be meaningless, just not as impactful or significant as the best fighters at 147.
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    I read that as meaning like, a false feather. Something that looks good years later but didn't mean anything, I get what you're saying now.
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    Why are you picking on the 40+ year old guy?
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    Oh let him have it. Holding the belt hostage, no one cared when Thurman did it. Some fighters barely fight once a year, but as long as they winning then who can complain. Pac beating undefeated Thurman was more than enough to earn that championship. Don't bring up that welterweight stuff, Garcia and Porter lost to Thurman. They would have brought nothing to Pac had he ever chosen to fight him.

    Pac will fight exhibition with Garcia and test what he has left. Meantime lets not forget Errol and Bud have been holding the division hostage by making their fight years late already. There is no reason why they shouldn't be unifying amongst themselves already. Simply milking the overrated hype for their fight which wouldn't be that big financially to boxing anyway. There's a reason why these in their prime champs are wanting the old lion instead of each other, its sad.

    What's even sadder is now Davis will go on to cherry pick Mr. Gary Russell Jr (another non-lightweight) and also act like Berchelt doesn't even exist in his own division.
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    The “modern” version of Pacquiao is 40+ year old part time boxer whose last fight was Keith Thurman you absolute buffoon.

    didn’t read.
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    A 41 year old just beat an undefeated Thurman.
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    Aug 2, 2014
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    Pac has been a past prime part time boxer for over a decade. I remember him first talking abkut retirement after Cotto.
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    Why have you assumed the guy who fought everyone that mattered during his era is the one not making the fights happen? Maybe just maybe it's Crawford and Spence who can't even find a way to fight each other are the ones that have prevented the Pac fights happening.

    Yeah maybe Pac is now cherry picking his fights but damn he's in his 40's and a shadow of his former self and lets be honest is a part time boxer now. But Crawford and Spence are not exactly showing they are risk takers either. They are looking at Pac as an easy win over a faded great and would rather fight him than each other.
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    The guy is past his prime 40+ .
    Has been in with everyone and anyone and beaten most and the OP is moaning about him fighting a young up un defeated up and comer????
    Pac gets to fight who he wants at this stage of his career and sofa experts like the OP can get back in his whole.
    Terrible thread.
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    Im not even gonna get started with the rest of your post... I'll just say you forgot to mention he fought one of the largest welterweights of the era in Margarito.

    No he hasnt fought a lot of real welterweights... hes only fought the second biggest one of the last 15 years in Margarito and the second or third beat real welterweight of the era in Thurman.
  15. kirk

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    Jul 26, 2004
    God forbid the 40 year legend three times over whose fought anyone and everyone his entire career is choosing his last few fights in his last two years in the sport carefully. The horror.

    No... instead of making a thread about Crawford... whose in the prime of his career and not fighting anyone, or Spence not doing what he has to do to make the Spence fight happen, no let's make a thread about the 40 year ducking Crawford.


    Oh and... even if Pac was genuinely interested in fighting Spence, as hes suggested since pre crash that he wants to fight him, but he was approached and offered the Ryan Garcia fight, how in the world is he not gonna take an easier fight for what has to be assumed is equal or better pay in what I hate to admit is a larger mainstream fight. Its a no brainer decision for someone in Pacs position, especially if in the back of his head hes thinking he will just fight Spence after.

    Poor criticisms in this thread, imo.