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    May 18, 2020
    Hello, I need tips on parrying punches. I was taught to keep my fist in a closed position, but loose closed so I am relaxed. Would it make sense to keep my fist closed, open them when I begin parrying and close them again after? Should I Transition like this between open and closed or just keep them open at all times? My coach taught me to keep them closed but relaxed, then open when I want to parry any shots then keep them closed again. Basically they only open if I parry. At all times besides this they are loosely closed.
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    This can be confusing.

    Open hands as much as possible....remember the whole point of parrying is that you want to wrap your hand (gloved or not) around the opponent's cuff / wrist as they punch at you. Old fashioned (and better way imo) to parry is to do a little downward's circle, so a right handed 'out' parry of an opponent's left jab moves down and over their glove / arm, and flicks it outwards (to your right / their left) which opens them up and disrupts their balance. So to their eyes, their jab has been flicked out way to their left by a little movement of your right glove. If you think about it, trying to to do that with a clenched fist (or loosely clenched fist?) really wouldn't give you the tactile sensitivity to feel and redirect their punch enough - its be more of a knock away or block (which are also good) but these don't have that parrying 'Aikido-like' feel of taking their punch and pulling it away from them. If your doing the parry with the movement like a window wiper (left ways or right ways) that fine too, but that's more of a knock away in my book, but even so its still better to keep your hands as loose as possible. Practice with a mate - both of you barekuckle, to get a real feel of it.

    I've never been one to clench or loosely clench my hands as I read so many are doing now...I always kept my hands open as much as possible, including when punching, until the last moment...and I loved body-punching which is where doing that can be a own-goal. Watch their elbows though. You'll find in big 16's that you can accidentally punch with the hand open and be okay sometimes. Just realize that no-one can keep their hands clenched tightly and spar for 12 or 15 3's....the more relaxed you can keep your body the better. With time you'll be able to throw a very quick, completely relaxed punch and clench at the last movement. Bestaluck!
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