Paulie on point with his comments again:

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    First of all Paulie Malignaggi is a breath of fresh air for us boxing fans, pulls no punches and keeps it 100 %.

    For our bodybuilding peeps: how should of the banned fighter, in this case, according to your knowledge, should have done differently to test clean however still drug popping?

    And second: how was it possible for Manny to be on the juice when he basically stayed the same weight without having gained much more muscle weighing in around at 143 approximately each time?

    The reason for the first comment is because: education, just to educate on what a fighter must do to be tested as a false negative? Are there any solutions to fix that to crack down on maskers scenario s?

    And two: PAC was more of a speed depth perception guy, screwing up people's judgments of how close or how far he maintained his distance hopping in and out like a rabbit.

    Again why do I ask: because I would like to hear an argument that PAC juiced because let's keep it simple, the majority of the Populus of fight fans don't give a crap about peds, hence showing forth that they still tried to make the fight continue this weekend, even with the + test.

    Paulie is like the next teddy atlas, thoughtful and maybe to catch a better glimpse of understanding, what would his cohorts of boxing podcast Roy Jones Jr and Antonio Tarver think about this subject as well if you know what I mean? They may have a better understanding. But that's a topic for a different day.

    Body builders, please shut me up and treat me like your son lol. I don't want to be proven right, meaning maybe just let a dead horse lay instead of leaking secrets on how to cycle and get away with it because it will lead to a Pandora's box and b) Manny was one of my hero's, I am open to Floyd fans drowning out the narrative, I'm willing to stay non biased and listen to well, the irony that it seems like half the population either thinks Manny is a cheat, or else Floyd is a cheat.

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    What a strange post. You do realise there are natural and drugged bodybuilding competitions, so very few bodybuilders cheat and use steds in natty comps? I don't know why you keep referring to bodybuilders like they all cheat? It's very strange.

    How about you go ask the Russians, they're the pros? Or maybe go ask Lance how he got away with it for so long.
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