Prime Billy Joe Saunders schools Clenelo

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    I'm just referring to the fact that he was too flat footed vs Canelo, and that he didn't use enough lateral movement. If he fought like he fought vs Lemieux I don't think he would have been caught and ran into that big uppercut. BJS was very capable of going the distance, he just made a mistake and got caught. If he gave Canelo more consistent movement, like we saw against Lemieux, if he fought more upright instead of hunched over, I doubt he gets caught like that. Obviously Lemieux is levels below Canelo, but in terms of how he fought Lemieux that version was a completely different way of fighting than how he fought Canelo. When people talk about how awkward he was which is why they thought he could beat Canelo, it was because of how he fought vs Lemieux.
  2. shadow111

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    Aug 1, 2012
    The reasons people said he would school Canelo is because they were imagining BJS the night he fought Lemieux and how that style would match up against Canelo. He was much more flat footed when he fought Canelo than the fleet footed BJS that fought Lemieux and the way he fought Lemieux is why people said he would school Canelo. He still had some success against Canelo before he was caught, but he didn't perform vs Canelo at the level he fought at vs Lemieux. He was not as quick on his feet and he did not give Canelo the kind of consistent awkward lateral and backwards movement or the kind of ring generalship he gave Lemieux. That style that he utilized vs Lemieux would have given Canelo a lot of problems and that's why a lot of people including me fancied his chances if he fought that way.
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    Doubt it, Saunders is a bum
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    Dumbest thing I've read today
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    Sep 10, 2016
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    The anger and bile these threads generate amongst the ardent fanny boys...A small number shout angrily about stuff while the rest of us yawn...same idiots, same pointless vitriol...
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    Experience is huge, Canelo was a pup in comparison. Plus peds, which isn’t really an issue here as both juiced
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    He takes the HEAD CLEAN OFFF OF HIM!!!
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    To be quite frank with you, the only angry people I see are the Canelo haters. I'm sure most of us Canelo fans are getting a laugh at all your expense. lol
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    He was experienced, he had over 40 fights almost as many as pbf he was the champ of the division and p4p top 10 ranked. Stop with the excuses. How much experience did Lopez need to give loma that work when he was 23 and loma was younger than pbf was when he fought canelo? Lopez had even less experience than canelo did when he beat loma. Stop!
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    This. BJS only has him self to blame.
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    The two fights are incomparable, to many variables to compare separate fights an fighters, Lopez could be burnt out in a couple of years, or whatever, they are simply different fighters. Anyway, **** that ****. You been on any holidays lately ?
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    Yes he had 43 fights, but most of those were when he was a teenager in Mexico. Loma even at his best was never as tough to beat as Mayweather was. Also Loma was severely impaired when he fought Lopez with an injury.

    Comparing the condition that Mayweather was in vs Canelo to the condition that Loma was in vs Lopez is not in any way comparable. Mayweather was not as his peak at 36 years old, we agree on that, but he was in great condition for that age, injury free, unlike Loma was vs Lopez, and Canelo was impaired having to drain himself down to a catchweight, unlike Lopez who was allowed to be at his best weight. Mayweather at 36 was in much better condition and performed much better and closer to his best than Loma was when he fought Lopez.

    Mayweather kept himself in such great shape through the years and had such a work ethic that he never dropped off dramatically between fights or suddenly became out of shape at any point. With Mayweather, it was a very gradual decline from his peak. When compared to many others fighters who have fell out of their prime quickly, like Pacquiao in 2012 by getting KTFO, that never happened to Mayweather. So relative to other fighters who have fell out of their prime in many cases rapidly, Mayweather never really fell out of his prime or dropped off rapidly from his best from fight to fight. Mayweather at 36 was closer to his peak and performed better at that age than any other fighter you can think of. So this was not a faded version of Mayweather, nor was he peak, and at 36 he was way closer to peak than he was to being faded. A faded version of Mayweather was when he came out of retirement and fought McGregor.
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    Nothing major just yet, I went to new Orleans and Austin and San Antonio. Will go on a cruise and Mexico this summer though.