Prime Tyson Vs Prime Liston.

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Mich of that is true. But Liston hit harder, & their chins were about the same.
    Their peak weiggt was very similar, very few lbs. difference.
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    Jul 30, 2014
    liston and his power are not overrated they are underrated cause of his fights with ali how does tyson have a better chin if liston was knocked down less liston had a better chin. you said ruddock and bruno hit harder than liston. tyson was heavier than foreman at times but he didn't have more muscles. its because his frame was larger. that doesn't mean anything.if tyson hit harder than liston than he also hit harder than foreman all their common oppenents said liston hit harder than foreman. shavers who sparred with liston tyson and foreman said liston hit him hardest. johnny tocco who trained liston foreman and tyson said liston hit harder. so according to your logic bruno and ruddock hit harder than foreman interesting... just stfu biased clown.
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    mike wins to slow and easy to read
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    Über troll strikes again, 7 year old thread lol. ****.
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