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  1. Henry Foulkes

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    Jan 3, 2021

    As of today, the Professional Boxers’ Affiliation has decided to launch a campaign in order to raise awareness and subsequently look to become the main association body for professional boxers in the UK. We wish to act in a very similar way to other association bodies from different sports (PFA, PJA & PCA) and compliment the great work that trainers, managers and promoters currently do and provide another avenue to support professional boxers.

    Once we manage to attract the attention of the main stakeholders within the sport and secure a reliable form of funding, we will be able to offer professional boxers a range of services based on three main areas. These being, mental wellbeing, financial advice and transition into retirement.

    Particularly after yesterday’s announcement from the BBBofC, another year of lost earnings for the majority of boxers is even more evidence that the sport is crying out for a body like this.

    It’s integral that we try to raise awareness about what we’re doing and gain the attention from broadcasters and other stakeholders. If you’d like to get involved in the campaign, please follow us on social media (@PBAffiliation), use the hashtag #PBALaunch, or donate to the Professional Boxers’ Affiliation Trust (link can be found on website or social media pages).

    Thank you!
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    May 16, 2010
    Hi bud, I think in principle having some kind of trust in place sounds like a good thing but the areas you're offering as the main services, mental well being, financial advice and transition into retirement. Aren't they the services that a manager should be offering anyway.
    An agency that is independent of the board is a fantastic idea I do agree.
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    Apr 19, 2010
    this is boxing
    corrupt underhanded shadowy figures
    it does not run nor play by the rules to other games played
    you wont receive funding and will be told to be on your way
    theres nothing fair or honorable in this sport
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  4. Henry Foulkes

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    Jan 3, 2021
    Thank you for your reply! I certainly agree that managers should offer support in these three areas. However, the role of us would be to help fund these services on behalf of the boxer. We've established partnerships with the charity Sporting Chance, financial advisers Cartlidge Morland and a company called LAPS (Life After Professional Sport). We will work with the boxers and these companies during their career and in retirement to pay for counselling, establish a pension fund, and help them find a secondary career after they hang up their gloves.
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    Dec 6, 2019
    I genuinely wish your affiliation well Henry but can't help remember how impossible Barry McGuigan found it to launch a similar body 25 or so years ago.
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    Sounds good though I can imagine it will be very hard to get off the ground - all the best of luck with this. Only point I will note (and it's a minor one) is that you might want to chose an Independent Financial Advisor to help rather than a tied Wealth Manager. In my experience Independent Advisors are more concerned with providing actual holistic advice (which is vital in these cases of needed life planning) whereas Wealth Managers (though I can't comment directly on the above firm as I've never heard of them) are more interested in just getting assets under management.
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