Randy Couture's Grappler Circuit +

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    Jul 20, 2004
    My goal is to be fit enough to handle no-rules, no-referee fighting.
    A large percentage of my workouts are the same workout that MMA fighter Randy Couture has on youtube;

    Bent rowing 10 reps
    upright rowing 10 reps
    military press 10 reps
    good mournings 10 reps
    left squat/ right squat 10 reps each leg
    squats 10 reps
    deadlifts 10 reps

    All done immediately after each other without putting the 50lb barbell down, 1 minute of rest between circuits.

    Also stretching

    Following day

    45 minutes exercise bike
    abdominal work

    Day 3 45 minutes exercise bike

    Day 4 Grappler's circuit again + 30 minutes exercise back

    Then 4 days rest--job schedule of 4X12 hour days diminishes my options of doing anything else.

    Next cycle

    stretching and these exercises done in as few sets as possible;

    50lb front squat x 50 reps
    115lb deadlifts x 50
    50 push-ups
    50 lat pulls
    50 dumbell deltoid laterals with 15lb dumbells
    50 burpees ( the real killer )
    30 minute exercise bike
    3X10 abdominal exercises

    1 Hour each nonwork day of practicing with a 100lb Big Blue grappling/ throwing dummy.

    Then go back to the grappler's circuit after 2 days of nonresistence training e.g. exercise bike.

    I try to do something other than the grappler's circuit every 3rd weightlifting day.