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    There's no argument for Clenelo and Crawford not being the bottom two

    Usyk - Gassiev in Russia, Briedis in Latvia, Glowacki in Poland. All of whom were undefeated reigning world champions fighting in their natural weight divisions and divisions they were at their best. Usyk is the complete antithesis of Clenelo. He religiously fights on a deck which is stacked against him, whereas, conversely, Clenelo has the most stacked deck in the game and NEVER fights on one which is stacked against him. Usyk unified an entire division in just 15 fights.

    B-Hop - Tito, Oscar, Holmes. Neither Tito or Oscar were natural 160 pounders and their best weight was 147. Tito is 3-3 at 160 or above, Oscar is 1-1 at 160 but he should be 0-2 because Sturm, and a green Sturm at that, was robbed blind in their fight.

    Taylor - JCR in the US, Rougarou at home, and Baranchyk at home all undefeated reigning world champions fighting in their natural weight class and best weight. Taylor unified an entire division in just 18 fights.

    Crawford - Burns in Scotland, undefeated reigning champ Postol at home, undefeated reigning champ Indongo at home. Postol and Indongo were undefeated reigning world champions but Burns clearly lost his previous fight against Beltran and the judges bailed him out and robbed the visiting fighter.

    In Burns' previous fight to that one he was well on his way to losing Jose A. Gonzalez prior to the later suffering a freak wrist injury and pulling out. Gonzalez was schooling his ass and was ahead 87-84 on all three of the judge's cards in Burns' backyard.

    Clenelo - Smith, BJS 2.0, Plant. All essentially home fights for Clenelo who is the poster boy for corruption in the sport and has the most stacked deck in the game. We're talking about a fighter who has the judges in his pocket eveytime he fights and only has to make it to the final bell to get his hand raised for goodness sake.

    They were even fixing to rob that utter shell of Kovalev who threw pity pats all night and whose once fearsome power and punch resistance had greatly diminished had his vodka tank not ever so predictably diminished in the second half of the fight and he'd made it to the final bell. And what chance do BJS 2.0 and Plant stand of KO'ing Clenelo with their respective KO45% and KO 54%? :lol:

    Smith got his ass paddled in his previous fight by John Ryder and therefore categorically did not deserve to have the WBA title wrapped around his waist. The fight is widely considered to be a scandalous robbery and very few had Smith winning.

    The reason the vacant WBC belt was on the line is because Clenelo's fairy godfather Mauricio decided to throw it into the mix so that his favourite son could pick up two of the belts in one fell swoop. Again, Smith clearly lost his previous fight to John Ryder and should not have even been contesting one title let alone two. So Clenelo won two belts in one fell swoop against a 'champion' who got his ass paddled in his previous fight by John Ryder

    Check the comments

    Remember when the WBC decided to gift Clenelo his first world title by pairing him up against Matthew Hatton for the vacant WBC 154 belt? That would be career 147 pounder Matthew Hatton who had been campaigning at 147 not at 154. How the hell was welterweight Hatton nominated to contest a vacant title in a division he didn't campaign in? He was a welterweight not a light-middleweight and he had been campaigning at welterweight and was the reigning EBU European welterweight champion which had won and defended in his previous three fights :facepalm:

    Undefeated reigning champ in name only Callum Smith won the title against a past it one-armed George Groves who was coming off a career-threatening shoulder injury and surgery to repair it just seven months earlier. Groves, who never fought again, shoulder did not have enough time to heal and it was still giving him problems over a year after the Smith fight if not longer. The only reason he took the fight was because it was the Super Six final and a huge payday and Groves didn't want to let someone else step in and take his place and his payday from after having fought twice in the tournament to earn his place in the final.

    BJS 2.0 looked like crap up at 168. He won his WBO world title in a vacant title match up against 27-3-2 obscure binman Shefat Isufi for goodness sake. All of his losses and draws were to fellow binmen and he got stopped by Dariusz Sek :lol:

    Undefeated reigning champ BJS 2.0 needed a come from behind Hail Mary stoppage in round 11 to get past nobody Marcelo Coceres in his first defence. The judges had it 96-94, 96-64, 94-96 in BJS 2.0's but the vast majority in the RnB thread had Coceres ahead IIRC.

    And BJS 2.0's second defence he won a UD over a completely washed up 38 y/o Martin Murray :facepalm:

    And undefeated reigning champ Plant's best win by far is Uzecat

    Plant defended against Subway Mike Lee, Vincent Feigenbutz, and a completely washed up 37 y/o Caleb Truax

    The best win of all the SMW champions Clenelo has beaten is by far a past it one-armed George Groves who was coming of a terrible shoulder injury and surgery just seven months earlier :facepalm:

    And yes, Clenelo is a natural 168 pounder and he has been for a very long time. He turned pro at 15 y/o, Usyk, who was 2 months shy of his 27th birthday when he turned pro, was a middleweight at 19 y/o (165 in the ams and that's same day weigh ins ) and obviously there are far fewer weight classes the higher up you go. There's a 25lb gap between LHW and CW and at HW you can have a 201lb man fighting a 300lb + man.

    At 19 Clenelo was weighing 165 in the ring and at 21 he was 172 and coming as high as 174 seven and eight years ago down at 154-155 and he's built like a freaking tank since he stopped weight bullying and went of his PED diet.
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    Crawford beat Burns at 135. I only listed the fighters that the Undisputed champs beat in unification fights to become undisputed. So yes you’re right those are the fighters that they beat to become champions. And with that said my ranking would still be the same with only Usyk and Taylor having the potential to be flipped based on what Prograis and Ramirez does afterwards since Breidis is still winning lineal at CW.
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    Obscure binman :lol:

    The legacy of Saunders, Smith & Plant combined is basically a near shot George Groves .. Truax was always average & about 40! In fact he couldn't even beat a ruined & completely ******ed version of Jermain Taylor a decade ago.. Canelo fanboys are ****ing delusional & I hope they take multiple booster shots
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    Oh yeah it was at 135 my mistake was it Dulorme he beat for the belt at 140 then?
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    :lol: When you're winning two belts (one a vacant freebie from your fairy godfather) in one fell swoop against a fighter who got their ass paddled in their previous fight by John Ryder on a deck which is so heavily stacked in your favour you literally cannot lose unless you get KO'd it tells you everything you need to know.
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    My pick.
    1. Usyk
    2. Hopkins
    4. Taylor
    5. Crawford 5. Canelo
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    No problem buddy. Dulorme is significantly worse than Burns which just further shows how mediocre Bud’s 140 run was.
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    Yeah Bud cleaned out a really weak division alright. Postol is the only guy who could've been considered an elite operator of the lot.
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    Jun 5, 2010
    1. Hopkins
    2. Josh
    3. Usyk
    4. Canelo
    5. Crawford

    Order reasoning:

    Crawford definitely had the easiest path to the 4 crown inauguration, Canelo had a trickier one but not a murderers row, plus he benefited from who would've been his hardest test being stripped and never had to fight him. Usyk had to beat some real horses (an actual potential murderers row) to get all four, Josh had to beat a guy who I believe is still on the cusp of P4P and then the next remaining top guy, Bernard beat multiple division, multiple title future HOF'ers to accomplish what he did and there's no way to understate that.
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    Aug 9, 2020
    1. Usyk
    2. B-hop
    3. Canelo
    4. Taylor
    5. Crawford
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    Of course, I don't have issues with criticizing Smith's reign, but I'm not going to down him just to down Canelo, or act like Postol, Prograis, Ramirez, Gassiev and Briedis are better because of it. They have all had lukewarm championship runs, however if I was going to rank them, Smith has had the most accomplished career.