Rank these skills/attributes in order of how importance to succeed in MMA

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    Skills/attributes (1-10 with 1 being most important)
    -Height and reach (I know height doesn't always equal more reach)
    -Punching power
    -Defensive skills
    -Grappling and BJJ
    -Fight IQ
    -Strength and explosiveness
    -mental toughness
    -Stamina/fitness level
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Mark is that you?
  3. Furey

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    Oct 18, 2009
    Good Cardio, stand up and takedown defence...... and your half way there.
  4. outtieDrake

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Heart- the ability to comeback
    frame- width in shoulders and legs , hips.
    Leg reach
    big name Training camps and trainers
    previous backgrounds in college wrestling, other striking combat sports
    lots of experience in fighting in general.
  5. KO KIDD

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    Oct 5, 2009
    rated in order from the original list with explanations in bold

    -Fight IQ]- I think having the experience and the understanding of fighting will help a fighter see out their victory. i think understanding your style, their style and how they play off each other is how winning is done. of course there are shocking strikes out of nowhere and crafty submissions that shock people but generally i think the smarter fighter usually wins who can adjust. obviously this is negated by a lack of fitness or mental toughness
    Stamina/fitness level you can be as talented as you want but without the proper prep a grueling fight will be your undoing
    -mental toughness -a necessity for any athlete, the greats can tough out a difficult moment and block out the pain
    -Grappling and BJJ so many fights go to the ground it is a must
    -Defensive skills guys with no defense dont last very long
    -Kicks not necessarily being a master of all types but leg kicks are very important and guys who dont know how to defend them get cut apart, also being able to defend kicks is also massively important
    --Strength and explosiveness strength is important in the clinch, completing a takedown, holding a man down and escaping. explosiveness is essential for take downs
    -Quickness/agility very important though i find it less important than the other physical attributes on the list, it can be negated in a clinch or on the ground
    --Punching power only as useful as your ability to land, can be an equalizer and can be a crutch if you lean on it too much. its not boxing there are many ways to win/lose and ways to negate punching from a fighters arsenal
    -Height and reach (I know height doesn't always equal more reach)-does you no added good without the know how. Obviously it can be a huge factor for a guy who is the complete package and also has a great reach advantage
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