Rewatch Fury - Wilder 1, scoring and details inside

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    Apr 25, 2019
    Right give me a while and I'll timestamp all the landed / scuffed punches for you as you clearly have no idea what you're watching.
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    May 11, 2021
    I've watched several of the closer rounds on slow motion.
    Wilder landed a couple of jabs to the body in round 1. Many of these rounds were close.
    I don't believe Fury was particularly shaken by any punch in the opening round and I preferred Fury's work over the last 2 minutes better. I try to break a round into 3 one-minute sections. For me he controlled the distance better and Wilder missed with too many punches all night, including in the first. Fury finished with the best attack of the round imo, including the best punch of the round also imo and I gave it him on that basis. Yeah it was quite close.

    You need to watch the whole fight a few times, and sometimes you can reach different scores at the end of 12 rounds, but really, the judge's card of 115-111 on the night was garbage. Deontay should be grateful he got a draw in my opinion.
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    Feb 20, 2008
    Wilder won the 2 rounds in which he scored a knockdown and that’s it. Fury won the fight.
  4. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Here it is. I watch it most part of it on a 0.5 or 0.25 speed, which tells you how hard a lot of the shots were to call if they were landing or missing.
    Round 3
    Fury land a body punch
    Wilder land a body punc Fury tried to block(if you actually put it on lower speed, you can clearly see that the punch landed)
    And here where most people are getting fooled. Its one thing to parry shot and completely dodge the shot, and its another to parry it with the gloves, but the shots still land on your body/head.
    Fury misses a jab, Wilder misses the counter
    Fury parry Wilder jab to the body
    Fury completley misses a jab
    Fury land a jab
    Wilder land a body punch(on Fury chest to be accurate)
    Wilder miss a jab
    They both trade a jab, but Fury one misses, and Wilder land
    Wilder land a hard jab, that send Fury back
    Wilder misses a jab
    Wilder misses a left hook
    Wilder misses another jab
    Fury miss a jab
    Fury miss another jab on Wilder guard elbow/forearm
    Wilder misses a jab
    Fury throws 3 jabs, 2 up-high, and third to the body, and miss all of the 3
    Wilder land a heavy left hook the body
    Fury throw a left hook that is block by Wilder guard
    Fury throws 2 jabs, first one barely landed, misses the second one
    Wilder land right hand counter to the body
    Wilder throw 2 jabs, and a uppercut in the clinch, and misses them all
    Wilder throw another jab, that Fury block with his hand
    Fury throw a jab, that barely misses
    Wilder throw a jab, that barely misses
    Wilder lunges with left-right and misses them both
    Fury try to counter with right hand, but misses
    Fury land left-right, best punch of the round so far
    Fury misses a jab
    Wilder semi-land a body uppercut, and hard right to the Fury head
    Fury then misses 3 punch combo
    Fury miss a jab
    Fury misses 2 more jabs
    Fury throw left-right hooks, left blocked, and the right semi-landed(it was partially blocked, but not fully)
    Wilder misses a jab
    Wilder misses a Right to the body(landed on Fury arm, so its a miss)
    Fury miss a uppercut in the clinch
    They trade, Fury land a light right on the body(it was with the finger side), while Wilder trying to counter with left hook that missses
    Wilder faking a jab, and then land one(Fury did try to dodge it, but it still lands i guess that people are getting deluded about the motion to trying to dodge a punch and move your head, but the punch being faster and still land)
    Wilder throw 2 hooks(if i can call this a hook, terrible technique) that misses(they actually land on the Fury trapeziumlol)
    And that conlcude the round(actually they throw a few more punches, but they werea after the bell).
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Then you obviously no watched enough. For me just like with all the judges, first round was a 100% clean Wilder round. Its actually one of the cleanest round.
    You don't remember the left-hook?
    Here it is, the best punch of the round for sure.

    Fury was obviously shaken by that punch, and this alone could conclude the round for Wilder, but i detailed the round in my previous posts.

    At this point our views are totally different, so we can agree to disagree.
  6. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Maybe you are the only one that don't know what are watching? Again all the 3 judges, even the one(obviously) that score the fight for Fury gave Wilder the first round. There obviously a reason for that, h?
    I can timestamp all the Wilder landed shot, but i'm done losing my time with that.
    I score the fight i gave my opinion. At the end of the day ITS MY OPINION!
    What i hate tho its people like you, calling me bias, simply because my opinion differ from the "crowd".
    Again my post history is wide open, everyone can check how much i "like" Wilder.

    For me people on here was giving Fury way more props, that he deserve in that fight, because of few reasons, for his clowning around, as well as he been inactive for that long, and people did not expect to perform that well, as well as being able to get up from the 12 round KD.
    As well as automatically claim that Wilder misses so many shots, which is true, but Fury on himself misses a lot of shots.
    If you watch it on slow motion, its quite obvious.
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    Aug 1, 2012
    It was a great left hook by Wilder, though moments before that, Fury did land a good right hand at 16:49 though it's hard to see from the camera angle. Right before that, the ref told Fury to "get off his head" he was pushing down on Wilder's head which spun him around and set up that right hand by Fury. The replays after the round showed the left hook by Wilder but didn't show the right hand by Fury right before that which looked to be a pretty good shot too but was hard to see from the camera angle.

    Note - the replays after the first round also showed some of Fury's other work in the round but you can totally see that left glove flapping in the wind with every punch even as early as the first round in the first fight. So it wasn't like his glove just started flapping around later in the fight or just in the rematch. It was like Fury's glove was completely empty and the wrist / taped area of the glove was wrapped around his fist. I have no idea how he was able to get away with that, and this was in the first fight. Has Davison ever explained how Fury's gloves were wrapped which caused them to flap around like that? I've never seen anyone's glove flap around like that. His left glove was flapping so much in that first fight, you can see it in the replays in between rounds after the first round, from the bird's eye camera. It looks like the glove was taped around his fist and the glove part was empty. How does that happen? Surely responsibility for that has to fall on the trainer who wrapped his hands.
  8. DancingLeftAndRight

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    May 11, 2021

    You've watched the full fight just once as you've said, scored too many even rounds and had the wrong winner! :)

    I disagree about round 1, correct, and I disagree with the judges on round 1 as well. You're making a big deal of the first round, what about many of the other rounds? Deontay was a very lucky man to get a draw first bout with the help of a terrible 115-111 card from Judge Rochin.

    Anyway, we disagree, but have a good day!
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    Jul 11, 2017
    I can tell you're somebody that takes your scoring seriously. You look for nuances and details that escape the biased general audience. Why not do the GGG-Canelo I fight some time?
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Prepare for the attack of ShadowBot2000!
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    Jan 31, 2018
    Fury won all rounds if you exclude the rounds where he was knocked down.


    116-110 Fury.
  12. lordlosh

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    Jun 4, 2014
    On my watch Fury should be happy with the draw, and this wasn't a robbery as people make it out to be.
    Good day man.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Its too much time consuming, cause i rewind back a lot of the situation to see if the punch actually land or not, and a lot of other stuff involved.
    I spend the time for that fight, mainly cause of the reason i give in one of my previous posts, as to what Teddy Atlas said, and i 100% agree with him on this one.
    People were scoring rounds for Fury by default.
    I will probably do this for both of GGG - Canelo fight, thu i have already watch them a couple of time and i think i have posted my scorecards. But to be fair i actually have GGG winning the second fight more cleanly than the first one. :D
    I think people should watch this, or if not believe it, should watch the fight on its own, but actually rewind back and see how many of the punches Canelo throw was actually blocked or missed barely(still a miss) by GGG.
    But some people are just biased, and no one can help them. I remember on Canelo vs BJS thread, when the fight was on, and people were scoring rounds for Canelo, for landing on BJS guard. :D
    Same as here, giving an edge on Fury, for being an superior defensive fighter, but as i said, you can make the case for Wilder being an aggressor. But to be fair, this is not what really aggressor mean and what should be awarded. GGG from Canelo 1 for example is exactly this. You are on the front foot, and dominating with your lead hand. You manage to land and outland your opponent clearly, and put him into the ropes and on defensive position, and put him under pressure on a tempo he can't cope with.

    Which wasn't the case with GGG - Canelo 2, where Canelo for example tried to be on the front foot, but he couldn't put pressure on GGG, and actually GGG shows up what a good defense and counter mean in that fight. Also Canelo not once manage to pressure GGG and put him in a bad position, and to manage to put him in danger. Not once he make him on the ropes, and didn't manage to outland him as well.

    But again to reward a defensive fighter, he needs to make you pay for your misses, and Fury didn't manage to do so in most of the rounds. Every good trainer will tell you, not just in boxing, but in any martial arts, that dodging/and so on are useless, unless you make your opponent pay for his misses.
    You pretty much doing nothing, and both of you are back into neutral position. You need to counter him, when make him miss.
    And this is what should be awarded.
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    Don't feed the troll.
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    Feb 10, 2020
    Making someone miss is making them pay if they are swinging for the fences they are overexerting themselves. Regarding scoring defense. Historically it is not the case that you must hit them with a counter.
    Interesting that you brought up Floyd. What did you think about how he saw the fight?
    He had Fury winning wide, btw.
    You're being hyperbolic here. Rd7 is just one example of Fury landing a counter during a defensive sequence. Wilder lost his form and started head hunting long before Rd9.

    A rabbit punch is not a scoring punch.
    It was scored a KD because it's unreasonable for the referee to make that call at full speed. And Fury is the one who put his head there.
    The scoring criteria is effective aggression. If one fighter is struggling to land 15% of punches thrown in most rounds. i.e. Wilder That's not effective aggression.
    I wonder why Wilder was finding it difficult to land his punches...
    Fury's defence (cough)(cough)

    If it's just about who lands more. And we are going to watch slowmo to get accurate tallies. We might as well score fights with Compubox and call it tag.
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