Reynoso Confident Canelo’s Legacy Won’t Be Defined By Not Fighting Benavidez

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    “The fight with Benavidez may take a while or maybe never happen, but it depends on many things,” Reynoso told ESPNmx.

    “There were fights that never took place, that of Lennox Lewis with Riddick Bowe, that of Julio César Chávez with Terry Norris, that of Érik Morales with Juan Manuel Márquez, and none of them stopped going to the Hall of Fame for that.

    “There were others [fights] that, although they took time, ended up being made, like that of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Among the fighters, there is no fear. We just hope that the conditions are met [to face Benavidez].”

    Oh no! I can't agree, Canelo being the Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion of the world, he's obligated to fight his mandos or vacate. Now I think Canelo would fight Benevidez, but in the case that he doesn't and vacated, I can't get behind that. Canelo needs to fight Benevidez, or it would go down in the boxing world as a duck plain and simple. Reynoso just has no idea what that type of comment can do to hurt the rep of his fighter.

    And why wait? Canelo is getting older while Benevidez is getting better. This year is the absolute right time for this fight to happen.
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    Jan 20, 2024
    That's duck talk right there folks.
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    Yeah that's not good.
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    May 11, 2023
    The most blatant duck in boxing today. The only people who can’t see it are Canelo fanboys.
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    The fight will be made in 2025 as I've mentioned before. There's a few issues though in regards to making the Benavidez fight any sooner.

    Ever since Showtime closed shop PBC doesn't have the resources to make a fight of that magnitude. Showtime got rid of boxing because they were losing too much money.

    That means that in order for that fight to happen it would have to be promoted by either Top Rank, GBP, or Matchroom.

    The other problem is that Canelo is under contract with PBC for two more fights.

    To get the fight in September, Canelo would have to break contract and leave PBC and hire Top Rank, Matchroom, or GBP to promote it.

    If Canelo fulfills his contract then the earliest the Benavidez fight can be made is 2025.

    It's interesting that Benavidez announced a fight with Gvozdyk one week before he would be able to enforce his mandatory status. And even more interesting that he's fight Gvozdyk who fights under the Canelo promotions banner, and is managed by Eddy Reynoso.

    I think both Benavidez and Canelo knows the fight will be made next year and that's why all parties agreed on Benavidez fighting in June, against a Canelo fighter, while Canelo finished his contract with PBC and then the show with Benavidez will take place maybe next year.
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    While it would be the most disappointing non fight of his era, Reynoso tells no lies. Canelo at this point is cemented as an atg, BUT, he could definitely build on his status with a beatdown of Benavidez. I'm wondering what the "conditions" he's speaking of are. That would tell the story best I imagine.
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    Yea not sure if you want that Bowe vs Lewis albatross on your neck until the end of days I'd you are a fighter. I can imagine when he's retired and Canelo is at age 55 , hes going to be pretty tired of hearing about people asking him why he ducked Benavidez (rightly or wrongly)
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    Aug 1, 2012
    You may turn out to be right, but I'm of the mind that if there's a will there's a way.
    This could be the problem, that without being able to put on a Showtime PPV, they would have to come up with a completely new business model, and at the moment PBC can't guarantee either fighter what they would expect to make with a fight of this magnitude. On the other hand, Canelo did sign a 3 fight deal, but that was before Showtime announced it was leaving boxing. There were also rumors that Canelo was leaving PBC due to their financial and no-network situation. While PBC has an Amazon Prime PPV coming up with Tszyu vs Thurman, I'm guessing Prime wouldn't offer the kind of guarantees for a major PPV matchup like Canelo Benavidez that that Showtime would have offered in the past. So you may be spot on about all this, that it will happen in 2025. I said repeatedly that they need to fight this year, but if not enough guaranteed $$ is a problem, for both fighters, then perhaps we won't see the fight this year, and then it would make sense that David will be moving up to 175 in June.

    The problem with that though is that by the time 2025 rolls around Benavidez could be the mandatory for Bivol / Beterbiev and then if he comes back down they'll be a built-in excuse if Canelo wins. (Benavidez was drained having to come back down from 175, etc) As a fan I think you can understand why we really need the fight to happen this year. But the financial implications of Showtime closing its boxing doors could definitely be a factor as to why this fight isn't easy to make right now. I could see PBC offering Canelo comparatively more (compared to his past Showtime paydays) due to his 3 fight deal and PBC guaranting Benavidez too little and Benavidez not agreeing to the terms and walking away because of financial reasons. And then people blaming Canelo for not giving Benavidez a good enough split, when in reality it would be Canelo accepting the PBC offer but Benavidez not. That could be what's happening here and why this is a difficult fight to make. But it really shouldn't be that difficult to make. The fans I think en masse would be willing to pay for this PPV, even on a Prime PPV, as this is a fight that they know will be a barn burner and worth the $$.
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    Jan 20, 2024
    Yes the difficult financial implications of making the biggest fight in the sport that will print money. Oh woe!

    I guess you don't keep up with the news. Davids Dad has said in multiple interviews recently that Canelo offered him 5m and they accepted the offer, and then got ghosted. I guess you will just claim he is lying and its all a big conspiracy through right?
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    I don't think PBC can make the fight happen. As you said Amazon is not going to fork out 50 million dollars for this fight (35 mil Canelo, 10 million Benavidez, 5 mil for expenses). Amazon is just providing the streaming services.

    What investors would front up 50 million for PBC, and Benavidez who only sold 60K in his last PPV fight. Benavidez is just not a household name. He hasn't even cracked 500K followers on IG even with all the anti-Canelo publicity he's gotten recently. Only Matchroom, Top Rank or Golden Boy can make this fight happen.

    The earliest possible date for this fight would be September this year if Canelo walks away from PBC. You have Benavidez fighting in June, that would give him three months to prepare, which has happened before, but I don't see it happening that way.

    Benavidez taking a fight in June, at 175, one week before he can force his mandatory is weird.
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    Aug 1, 2012
    I'm not calling anyone a liar but there's obviously a lot of posturing going on. Don't accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist for not believing Benavidez's Dad, a clear Canelo hater with a massive agenda to paint his son in a positive light, and given your cynicism assuming that the WBC President would actively go out of his way to protect Canelo and go against what he said previously about how Canelo needs to fight Benavidez this year. And I get that a lot of fans think that the WBC is corrupt and would protect Canelo. But this is the same organization that forced Canelo to vacate his title to delay the GGG fight, which fans still talk about to this day. The WBC "We Be Crooks" lol didn't "protect" Canelo then, they didn't let him hold onto that belt and not fight GGG when they said he had to agree to terms by.

    I just find it ironic that you're assuming that the WBC would protect him, while at the same time GGG fans continue to bring up how cowardly it was for Canelo to vacate the belt to avoid GGG. Well if he had to vacate the belt back then, then CLEARLY the WBC wasn't protecting Canelo and letting him avoid his mandatory. You can't have it both ways. The fact that Canelo was given a timetable to fight GGG and was forced to vacate it is evidence that he was not given preferential treatment by the WBC.
  13. IsaL

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    Oct 7, 2006
    You believe David's dad?

    David's promoter said Al Haymon offered Canelo 55 million, and then took down that post when Canelo's team denied ever getting an offer.

    David's dad said that Canelo's team ghosted them after they accepted the the supposed $5 million offer... that's a flat out lie, because Canelo's team would be involved in negotiating for Gvozdyk since he's an Eddy Reynoso fighter.

    Quite honestly, Jose Benavidez doesn't have a say and doesn't know what's going on. PBC is running David's career.
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    Aug 1, 2012
    You're making a lot of sense IsaL you make some great points about the business side of this. It's interesting that you think the only way it could be made in September would be if both Canelo and Benavidez walk away from PBC, which would be hard to imagine considering that they're both under contract. I'm still not sure I fully agree with that, but I definitely see where you're coming from. The PPV sales I think would be massive, not because Benavidez is a household name, but because this is one fight that even Canelo's haters would purchase the PPV because they know how much of a threat Benavidez is, they want to see Canelo lose and this is a fight that've been demanding and don't think Canelo would take. So that alone I think would result in a lot of PPV that would possibly offset the lower than expected guarantees.
    It is weird, and even if everything you said above is true, Benavidez still has the ability to force the fight (and perhaps take less $$) if he really really wants it. I guess we'll find out how much Benavidez really wants the fight. Which goes back to my point that if he walks away, if he doesn't enforce his mandatory status, if he moves up to 175 instead of fighting Canelo because he's not being offered enough, and doesn't force purse bids, then despite what any of these Canelo haters say (i.e. Eclipse) it would absolutely prove that Benavidez is ducking Canelo. As crazy as that sounds, as outrageous as many people see that given how long David has been calling out Canelo. That still would hold true. And again, the counter to that is that he wasn't guaranteed enough $$, but I'm sorry if as a mandatory, you refuse to enforce the mandatory (for any reason) financial reality or not, that WOULD in fact be a Benavidez duck. Because again all this time the idea was that Canelo was avoiding Benavidez, but if it turns out that Canelo has agreed to a PBC offer and Benavidez hasn't, then who's ducking who? That's all I'm saying, even if Eclipse calls this idiotic, it's still a duck.
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    Investors? Heard of a bank loan? PBC have been around for a decade but suddenly they can't find the money to make a 100m+ fight? Your arguments are so ridiculous. Do you even know when fighters are paid? I'm pretty sure its after the fight so there is no need for money up front anyway. PBC have never defaulted on paying someone, stop listening to that lunatic Rick Glaser.

    I believe Canelo could have made the fight with a click of his fingers if he wanted it, do you believe that or not? You think Benavidez is the only fighter on the planet in the last 8 years who would not want to fight Canelo?
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