Ricky Hatton's underrated performance vs Mayweather

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Jayme Chavez, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Apr 14, 2009
    LOL Quite likely It was obvious Ginger was scared of Gennadiy
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    Totally agree with the original poster. Underated performance for me only really because a lot of guys gave up the idea of beating floyd after about a round or two.

    Hatton got knocked out for his trouble but hes one guy that actually tried to beat floyd. A lot just tried to see out the 12 rounds without trying to win cause he,d punish them for it.

    Hatton was a great fighter totally underrated nowadays but floyd was once a generation tbf. Its ashame we never got it with a better ref at 140 with hatton allowed to work inside.

    Never seen the point of making the fight....giving it the massive billing only to not let ricky fight his fight tho. Just a waste of an oppertunity for a great fight. They knew how ricky fought...he was rough but tbh he wasnt really all that dirty. Just a different style to what people are used to. Its like floyd used the elbows roughly. Ricky would sometimes hit and hold. Both not a massive deal. As an opponent you have a way to stop both of these things.

    But splitting them every single time when one has a 7 inch reach advantage and the other guy needs to get insides a deal breaker for me. Just killed what made it an interesting fight.

    Always wondered if 140 might have been a much better fight. Floyd had it all really. Stamina unbelievable. Strength underated. I actually think he was a great puncher as well...hence why most of them stopped trying to win early doors. He,d hurt them in their if they went forward to win. Hattons footspeed gave mayweather something to think about tho. He looked slightly uncomfortable at times with it. If he could have gave him strength problems on the inside he could have got something going. Big ask tho. Done his best up against an elite fighter.
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    ya hate Floyd so much, that you're willing to say Hatton was underrated performance LOL. what's next? auto gate got robbed against Floyd?