Robbing fighters to force multiple rematches.

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    Aug 1, 2012
    This theory is rooted in the scoring of the match. Many continue to believe that Bradley has no argument that he deserved to win the decision. Bradley's work wasn't as flashy as Pacquiao's it was more workmanlike, and many in this match continued to give Pacquiao rounds. The HBO telecast had a lot to do with the public perception of how close it was, or in HBO's case, how close it wasn't. HBO was in the tank for Pacquiao in awe of his stardom and the HBO pro-Pacquiao bias caused them to present the match as a clear Pacquiao win, when they and as a result, much of the public, happened to ignore the work that Bradley was doing.

    You can think Pacquiao won and see how someone could have had Bradley winning. it was just they came into the bout scoring with a pro-Pacquiao bias which was reinforced by HBO during the telecast which gave them confirmation bias in scoring most rounds to Pacquiao and thus did not consider Bradley winning as a possibility. It was as if the decision was a foregone conclusion, a mere formality that when Bradley was announced the winner it was shocking, due to HBO making it seem like it was a clear Pacquiao win. If you watch a match through the prism of one fighter then you could only pay attention to that fighter. Believing that Bradley definitely lost may cause people to believe such crazy theories about Arum conspiring to rig the judging to make his biggest fighter lose. If you realize how close and debatable this match was, then you wouldn't need any conspiracies to explain the scoring. That's how powerful the HBO-pro-Pacquiao bias was that night. To this day I find this match very difficult to score. If you pay attention to Bradley's work you can see the kinds of punches he was landing on Pacquiao it's no wonder he won. it was just that HBO put the boxing public under a spell that night, a perception that still lives on to this day.
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    consider that cycling has one governing body, and just look at the level of corruption that exists/existed in that sport, it doesn't take a genius to realize that a sport as fragmented as boxing will have an awful lot of shady business going on underneath the table.
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    Robbing fighters to force rematchs is just part of the sport now. Just shows how much power networks and promoters have now
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    If there is money to be made from doing something it will be the reason why it is done.

    Simple human nature.