Roberto Duran vs Oscar Dela Hoya at 147

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  1. Clinton

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    Jan 22, 2009
    Oscar's definitely not an easy touch,but Duran wasn't unpredictable from 147 on down.He only lost twice at that weight on down in over 70 fights-against Leonard in the second,and DeJesus in the first.It wasn't until he got to 154 where you never know which Duran you were going to get.
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  2. sandy mac

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    Apr 7, 2008
    Duran hands down. One of the to five greats of all time. IMO Harry Greb, Sam Langford, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran and the great Joe Louis.Duran too tough over the late rounds for Oscar. If it got there.In a 15 rounder Duran by late stoppage.He carried his power into the later rounds.
  3. anarci

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Delahoya would be much more competetive than you say, im picking Duran but it would be tight until the later rounds when Duran would have his way.

    As for Palomino:nono Sorry im a Palomino fan but he doesnt beat Oscar who would be to fast for Palomino and outbox him to a clear decision.
  4. TG1

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    Mar 4, 2010
    Your Point 1: Leonard stood flat footed with Duran all night long and didn't use the ring once. If Duran used SKILLS to get inside why was he COMPLETELY INCAPABLE of doing the same thing at practically any stage of the rematch. Answer: He couldn't solve Leonard's lateral movement, which was MISSING from fight one.

    Your Point 2: De La Hoya is a harder puncher than Leonard and can match him on the jab and BALLS. He falls short JUST on lateral movement and combination punching. Making out as that Leoanrd is light years above De La Hoya is terms of talent, fundamentals and heart is bull****.

    Your Point 3: Duran won that fight by an announced majority decision that was later turned unanimous. One of the judges scored TEN ROUNDS EVEN and Roberto was a one and two point winner on the other cards. Hardly the making of a landslide is it?
  5. Raider Rudy

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    Mar 14, 2008
    Right On:good
  6. Thread Stealer

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Duran would win a UD or stop DLH late. DLH would have his moments and be competitive, but it wouldn't be enough.
  7. Bill Butcher

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Anytime pre Leonard II, in other words both at there 147 best - Duran all day long, no doubt.
  8. bodhi

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Duran lost it after he beat Leonard. Even in his stint at ww before Leonard he was consistent and in shape. If you match these fighters you have to take them at their best, meaning Duran from Leonard I and DLH from Mosley I. Do you really think DLH would win this? Ridiculous.

    Leonard did not fight on Duran´s terms. This is bull****, before and slightly after the fight Dundee and Leonard both said they want to stand up to Duran because he makes always two little steps before unloading and by cutting these they would take away his leverage. Dundee even said this is the only way to fight him. Aside of that Leonard fight was at his best in the style he fought in that fight, watch his fights, he was no boxer but a boxer-puncher. Duran simply was better than Ray. And he won the fight clearly, the only thing that made it close is that Duran cruised a bit in the last few rounds because he knew he had it in the bag. Even when Ray tried to box him, he couldn´t Duran would catch up with him, get off first and make it a brawl with him. Most of it had to do with him feinting Leonard all the time. Leonard couldn´t deal with that.
  9. bodhi

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    Oct 22, 2009
    It´s true, Mexicans are ugly, just look into the mirror :lol:
  10. bodhi

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Have you even watched the fight? Or any Leonard and Duran fights? Doesn´t look like it.


    The difference between Leonard and DLH is the same as the one between Robinson and Leonard at least.

    Have you even seen the fight? Boxrec warrior.
  11. Jeff Young

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    Jun 5, 2009
    Duran SD, poor oscar loses another close fight...
  12. cuchulain

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    Jan 6, 2007

    You need to educate yourself a little about this fight. For starters, maybe you should actually WATCH it, rather than just read about it.

    Extract from one of ESB's best posters and award winning boxing journalist:

    Duran’s strategy was drilled into him. He was instructed to be elusive against the jab, close the distance, crowd Leonard, and hammer the body. Leonard’s aggressive strategy was not expected. It made things more not less difficult to cope with for precisely the reasons that Dundee had alluded to –good little guys don’t beat good big guys. “In this fight, Duran’s not the puncher,” he added, “my guy is.” Their respective knockout percentages over their previous five fights confirmed this: Duran’s was 40%, Leonard’s was 100%. Leonard stated that he planned on “standing and fighting more than expected.” “They all think I’m going to run. I’m not,” he said to New York Magazine, “I’m not changing my style at all… he’ll be beaten to the punch…those are the facts,” he continued, “What’s going to beat Roberto Duran is Sugar Ray Leonard.”

    Dundee substantiated this in his autobiography. Leonard’s strategy became certain from the moment that he watched the films and deconstructed Duran’s style. Duran, he said, was a “heel-to-toe guy. He takes two steps to get to you. So the idea was not to give him those two steps, not to move too far away because the more distance you gave him, the more effective he was. What you can’t do in the face of Duran’s aggression was run from it, because then he picks up momentum. My guy wasn’t going to run from him.”

    So there you have it.

    Leonard’s strategy in Montreal was deliberate, and sound. After the fight, Dundee and Leonard revised history and a willing press has gone along with it ever since. We’ve been spoon-fed a fable that has long since crystallized into orthodox boxing lore. It is the archetypal image of the Latin bully who “tricked” the All-American Hero into an alley fight, and it sprang from the idea that Leonard “did not fight his fight” because Duran challenged his masculinity. The problem is that it is at complete odds with statements made by Leonard and Dundee about Leonard’s clear physical advantages and the strategy that would be formed around those advantages. It contradicts Dundee’s earlier statements about Duran’s high level of skill and it contradicts statements that both had made immediately after the bout –before they had time to think about posterity: “You’ve got to give credit to Duran,” Dundee told journalists, “he makes you fight his fight.” When asked why he fought Duran’s fight, Leonard said he had “no alternative.”

    Possibly the daftest statement ever posted on this forum.

    As a big fan of ODL and not particularly keen on Leonard, especially after his treatment of Hagler, I can assure you that Leonard had a clear advantage over Oscar in nearly every aspect of the game.

    And he had a MUCH harder punch than Oscar. Watch his bout with Davey 'Boy' Green for starters.

    It was certainly NOT a landslide. It was a close but clear Duran victory, when the best version of both men faced each other.
  13. duranimal

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Oscar's just to brave for his own good & gets systematicly smashed up & stopped around 12, i just can't see what he has that could in anyway form or manner deter a Montreal Duran, he's outgunned out savvied in every department. Look to see a DLH totally blind & bloodied by 12 & the ref steps in to stop the massacre.
  14. Pachilles

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    Nov 15, 2009
    Duran would have trouble getting past Oscar's jab and the power DLH had at 147 would keep him humble. I see Duran being frustrated and quitting mid-late rounds. Otherwise a UD for DLH
  15. bodhi

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    Oct 22, 2009
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