ROCK JAW (Neck & Jaw Strengthener for boxers)

Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by rockjaw, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Jun 21, 2012
    That still won't prove anything. The only way to test your jaw against someone who doesn't use Rock Jaw would be for you two to take punches of equal force on the same spot and analyze the damage. But even if your jaw held up better, it would be difficult to prove that using Rock Jaw caused you to take less damage because so many other factors could be at play. Another option would be to take a punch on the jaw now and analyze the data, then run the same test again after a significant amount of time using Rock Jaw and comparing the two. Again, my suggestion to run scientific tests was not "hate". As a businessman/salesman, you have to consider the consumer's point of view. As a potential customer, some of the things that I consider before deciding to buy a fitness related product are:*

    a) Is it there concrete evidence that it works*
    b) Can I make something similar myself?

    When it comes to Rock Jaw, a) No and b) Yes. Until I can answer yes to a) and no to b), I will never consider buying Rock Jaw, even though b) is the bigger factor of the two in this particular situation.

    The only boxing-related products I've bought so far include headgear, gloves, hand wraps, mouth piece, shoes, and a resistance band for shadow boxing. I think these products are more cut and dry when it comes to the "common sense" of their effectiveness, but more importantly, I can't make anything similar myself.*

    If you're seeing sales increase, good for you. More power to you. But I think your business could do much better if you stay open to constructive criticism/suggestions and use negative feedback to think of ways to improve your product, rather than being defensive and insulting.*

    What you posted earlier about new ideas having 50% haters and 50% lovers may be true, but the way you're handling the "haters" in your recent posts makes you look like a 100% douche bag.
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    Oct 20, 2012
    Jack Dempsey wouldchew pine tar gum to strengthen his jaw and soak his face in brine to toughen his skin. Why shouldn't this work? I cant see the reason for the insults though. If you dont like it i say state your reason without the insults. What purpose does that serve other than to make you (the insulter) look like an ass?:huh
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    Sep 15, 2012
    a) Is it there concrete evidence that it works*
    b) Can I make something similar myself?

    What you posted earlier about new ideas having 50% haters and 50% lovers may be true, but the way you're handling the "haters" in your recent posts makes you look like a 100% douche bag.[/QUOTE]

    Is there concrete evidence that your head gear works? or does it 100% stop brain damage...your comments are proof your head gear doesn't work.

    Can you make a Rock Jaw yourself? I don't know, if you see a funny t shirt for sale , can you make it yourself? just pass it up while your in the mall, drive to a t shirt store, then go home and take 2 hours to make the artwork file, and then search a company that does custom t shirts,..then take the time to make it online and pay the shipping cost...all to save 10 dollars when you first saw the t can make Rock jaw yourself..if the time is worth a whopping $6 bucks.

    And as for my douchbag doesn't seem to be hurting sales. But it does hurt my back leaning down to fill up these Rock Jaw bags. Rock Jaw has an attitude.
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    I respek the entrepreneurial spirit, but it's as effective and worth way more man points to just thread a towel through a plate, knot it, bite down on that maphucka, and proceed to do your neck workout.

    Personally idk if it helps. I take a good shot (even though I look like I could get broken in half by a stiff breeze), used to use a cage machine in the gym to exercise my neck in each direction, used to smash my head off stuff for fun and headbang a lot as a teenager (Jackass series was popular back then...), and had a fractured skull as a toddler.

    So I recommend a good hard fall or a baseball bat upside the head, then progress to repeated minor head trauma, then progress to resistance. Worked for me :good
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    Jun 21, 2012
    Wow. First of all, I never said headgear will stop 100% brain damage. I'm not the one making claims with nothing to back them up. You are. You come back after all this time to try and generate some interest in your product? Have you improved it all since this last posting?

    As for headgear:
    Even without scientific proof, it's common sense that wearing thick padding with metal bars will offer more protection from the impact of punches than not wearing any headgear at all AND I can't make headgear by myself.

    As for rockjaw:
    Maybe biting a mouthguard tied to a bag of rocks can strengthen my jaw strength without scientific testing, maybe not. But a) there's no proof and it's not as cut and dry as with headgear b) I can make something easily with household items that can replicate what rockjaw does. Where your t-shirt analogy falls to **** is I don't need to go through much trouble to create something to bite on that has weight. Ex) towel tied to a dumbbell or weight.

    To put it simply, can I easily make my own:
    -boxing gloves? No.
    -boxing shoes? No.
    -handwraps? No.
    -mouthpiece? No.
    -headgear? No.

    Is it easier/more cost effective for me to buy the items above than trying to make them myself? Yes.

    Even if I tried to make my own items above, will they be equally or more effective than items above? No.

    Can I make something to bite down on that has weight attached to it? Yes.

    Will Rock Jaw will be more effective than any item I make with weight attached to it to bite down on? Not necessarily.

    Is it easier for me to make something to bite down on with a weight attached with household items than buying Rock Jaw? Yes.

    Don't take negative criticism personally. Take it into consideration and decide if it's relevant to the effectiveness of your product or not. If so, improve your damn product so people can no longer criticize that aspect of it. If not, your product will speak for itself. In this case, I think it's the former rather than the latter.
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    Apr 4, 2011
    this thread went full ******
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    I trained at 2 different Muay Thai camps in Thailand when I was actively fighting I was there in 1998 & 1999. Both camps used something similar to this only the mouth piece was attached to a 2 1/2 pound weight plate the guys who used it all had their own mouth pieces with the helmet attachment they would just hook it up to the rope and go to town. to say that this has no worth in building the neck muscle's would not be accurate would it work for everyone? maybe not but as they say don't knock it till' ya try it
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    Jul 15, 2006
    1st guy is doing something that strengthens the neck, plus gives good Posture, plus makes you Punch faster.
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    Apr 22, 2006
    Serious question. When you ship it does it come with the rocks or whatever you use for weight?