Rolls Royce Mike Tyson was challenged to death match by UFC legend Royce Gracie – but boxer refused

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    May 4, 2017
    Mike Tyson was challenged to DEATHMATCH by UFC legend Royce Gracie – but boxer refused as ‘there was no way I’d win’
    In a memoir by sports writer Fiaz Rafiq,' To The Top: Enter the Octagon, the Ring and Entertainment', it is revealed: “[Tyson] was challenged by the Gracie Brothers, in particular Royce, back in the early 1990s.
    Was Mike right to decline this match-up?
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  2. The Funny Man 7

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Can't imagine why the most famous fighter on earth would decline a 'Death Match' by some no name Brazilian guy for what probably would have been chump change compared to his average payday.

    Royce's dad, Helio Gracie, tried the same stunt calling out Joe Louis back in the day. A big chunk of the Helio side of the family are/were more marketing oriented than fighting oriented (except Rolls, Rickson, and Royler). I may be a bit biased since I earned my purple belt from the Carlson branch, but I really don't think anything I'm saying is controversial.

    None of this is to say Royce and Helio weren't awesome fighters and legends. But they were just relatively ordinary guys with amazing technique. By comparison, Mike Tyson was arguably the greatest physical talent in the history of combat sports. The gap in size, strength, speed, explosiveness etc. would be unfathomable.

    Joe Louis would have knocked Helio's block off and Tyson would have left Royce on a ventilator. Jiu Jitsu is the greatest martial art on earth, but physics is a real thing.