Roy Jones v Bernard Hopkins II 2003

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  1. McGrain

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    Mar 21, 2007
    There was muttering about the rematch at this time. Here's what Ring has to say about the potential rematch:

    Hopkins was 16 defences into his hostoric middleweight reign, ligh-heavyweight champ Jones had just beaten Ruiz for the heavyweight strap...No matter when the fought, Jones' speed would make it a tough task for "The Executioner"...But Jones was never the same after [fighting at heavyweight]...Hopkins was magnificent when he finnaly moved up to light-heavy...he is the smarter, more adaptable, more technically sound fightrer...he would have upset Jones by narrow decision.

    I agree with some of the detail, but it's always hard to pick Jones over Hopkins - after all, Roy beat Bernard pretty convincingly. Do you agree with the Ring's surmise? Baring in mind we're talking about the fight taking place in 2003, as described above.
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    Feb 23, 2006
    IMO Jones Jr. would have beaten him again, but not so one-sided he did the 1st time. It wasn´t so that after his HW adventure Roy wasn´t the same, OK, he lost a bit of his skills and speed, but it would be still enough for 99 % of the fighters, I would more favour hard-hitting and variable punchers than a all-in-one fighter like Hopkins.

    Jones Jr. UD 12 Hopkins in 2003 (8-4 rounds)