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    Mar 1, 2009
    Still doing my usual stuff for strength training, and my daily run's but also in the gym pretty much every day, twice a day for bag work and conditioning, plus my thai boxing classes (i'm now doing double classes every other day) and ****ing loving it. Absolutely slaughtering the pear bag with knees and elbows, mixed in with uppercuts and hooks, and the kick bag with shin kicks. Knees and shins are bruised to **** but i'm getting there! Hoping to fight in may or june and can't ****ing wait!
  2. sam1222

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    Mar 1, 2009
    Been busy and not been on here much lately, and as i haven't posted my training for a while, i thought i'd update my log. Still training as hard as ever, although eased up on the weights a little due to adding more boxing and kickboxing workouts into my routine. The gym was closed today so decided to rest today as tomorrow is my hill day. Typical week looks like this:

    Monday - Morning - 4 Mile run followed by circuit training.
    Afternoon - Gym work - Kettlebell or bear complex to warm up.
    Weights - Chest, shoulders, triceps.
    Bag work and sparring, pad work and skipping to finish.

    Tuesday - Morning (6am) - 4 mile run/circuit training, followed by sandbag pt
    Afternoon (5pm)- Gym work - Back and Biceps. Boxing and kickboxing 6 -8pm

    Wednesday - Morning (6am) - 4 mile run / circuit training.
    Afternoon (12pm) - Gym work - Skipping, Bags, pads, Sparring, stretching.

    Thursday - Morining (6am) - 4 Mile run / sandbag pt / sled pulls
    Afternoon (5pm)- Gym work - Kettlebell complexes (warm up)
    Deadlifts or squats (Alt weeks)
    Boxing / Kickboxing 6 - 8pm

    Friday - Morning (6am) - 4 Mile run / circuit training.
    Afternoon (12pm) - Gym work - Skipping, bags/pads, sparring, stretching.

    Saturday - Morning (9am) - 4 mile run/ circuit training.
    (10am) Gym work - 3 hours, Tabata and complexes, boxing and kickboxing.

    Sunday - morning - Gym work - Sparring and bag/pad work.
    Afternoon - hill work - 60kg Backpack, 30 miles over rough ground.

    That's basically it, although i'm taking rest days as and when i feel i need them, so the days change from week to week as do some of the exercises etc. Sparring sessions are an hour long, with the rounds usually only timed for the first few and then just let the timer run for the rest of the hour. Feeling good and hoping to fight soon.
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    Jan 15, 2012
    Sorry if you've touched on this already, but could you give me some clues on what sorta diet you maintain in order to beast it so hard? Do you do your morning runs fasted or eat beforehand?

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    Mar 1, 2009
    No i don't eat before my morning runs, although i have started having a protein shake and creatine now about half hour before i set off, but ive always preffered to run and do my circuits on an empty stomach in the past, then eat before i set off to work at half 7.

    Breakfast is usually porridge or weetabix (at least 7) and 2 or 3 bannana's.
    I usually eat again at around 10-ish when one of the lads goes to the sarnie shop, and its usually a breakfast box or sausage,bacon and egg butty.

    Dinner's around half 12-1 ish and is either chicken and veg or fish and veg (tuna or salmon) or 3 or 4 of those boil in the bag fish with parsley sauce, ****ing love them. with mixed fruit salad for after.

    Mid afternoon around 3-4 ish i'll have another protein shake and a couple of apples or pears, and tend to munch on mixed nuts and raisins throughout the day in between meals etc.

    After training its another protein shake and tea when i get home, and is usually chicken, fish or steak with veg and then fruit if i get peckish after that before bed.

    That's basically my usual diet although it varies a little at times with cheat days here and there, but i try to eat as clean as possible the majority of the time, and my training tends to keep the fat off anyway.