Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán vs. William Joseph Saunders/Elwin Soto Castro v. Katsunari Takayama RBR

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  1. andyw362

    andyw362 Active Member Full Member

    Nov 3, 2007
    Canelo landed te better shots all night i agree
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  2. CST80

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Who's the one crying over being told to go **** themself and getting personal and bringing people's dead mothers into it? It's sounds like there's only one ***** here, and it's you. Really? Is go **** yourself that hurtful? I thought I was being rather gentle.

    Who's bullying anyone you oversensitive twat? I never threatened to ban you.
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  3. Bigdog2002

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    Oct 19, 2018
    If you had bjs winning you are simply a moron or hater! You don’t win rounds bu throwing jabs but no connecting. When you connect but get connected more and harder , you are not winning the rounds.
    I see slot of clowns here giving bjs rounds based on not getting dominated lmao
  4. Ricky369

    Ricky369 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Feb 16, 2008
    Well I had it 5-2 Canelo and I actually think it was an easy fight. Why? Sanders has a difficult style but he has zero power. Canelo knew he was in no danger against this guy.
  5. Spongebob south paw pants

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    Feb 28, 2020
    Are you for real. That's a silly question isn't it., Saunders did well but that was a lovely timed uppercut no luck there
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  6. Frankus

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    Apr 14, 2016
    Guys, let’s all calm the fûck down. Who cares what everyone had it scored. It didn’t go the distance. So just chill out.
  7. Boxing Prospect

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    May 10, 2012
    Like anyone ACTUALLY wants to watch that?
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  8. UKboxingfan

    UKboxingfan Well-Known Member Full Member

    Nov 28, 2018
    Everything you have said is spot on. I’ve called it for ages but others have said there’s plenty of competition at this weight, there isn’t. If he truly wants to get out of his comfort zone, fight the best at 175.
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  9. Ph33rknot

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    Mar 5, 2012
    I do to but it's legit
  10. Quina74

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    Apr 25, 2019
    Well you're an idiot Bernie Sanders isn't even in Texas
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  11. junkhead

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    Mar 26, 2015
    If Canelo had taken over the fight and was beating up Saunders until he broke him down and he quit id be more inclined to agree, but to many people including myself he was losing the fight up until that shot. His only strategy was to keep throwing that uppercut until it finally found home, he had nothing else outside of that IMO, which isn't a great look in all. I mean props for stopping tough and game Saunders, it's a great win, but he definitely did not look unbeatable tonight
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  12. N17

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    Feb 16, 2013
    Come on, don't be silly.

    Canelo won, take the W, move on, BJS lost his 0, its OK, it's all good but to try and say he should have risked his eyesight is beyond ridiculous.

    I can't be having that sort of nonsense.

    I'd love to know how many of you have boxed that are talking like this, I really would, because if you did you wouldn't have this level of ignorance.
  13. hoopsman

    hoopsman Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jul 24, 2005
    Few observations....

    Canelo, judging by the scorecards on here, is as polarizing as ever.

    As for Saunders' decision to retire on his stool, we really ought to wait to see what kind of damage he suffered before we pronounce the kid a coward, quitter etc. Of course, it's always easy to question the guts/resolve/fortitude of professional boxers from the comfort of a keyboard.

    As for the scoring, I had it 5-3 Canelo, perhaps 4-4ish. These 7-1 or 6-2 cards are much too one sided.
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  14. Serge

    Serge Ginger Dracula Staff Member

    Jul 21, 2009
    He'd been inactive in general. One fight in a year and a half against a way past it 38 y/o Martin Murray. His last 3 opponents. Isufi, Coceres, and a way past it old Murray. Hardly ideal prep for someone making such a huge leap up in class. BJS 2.0 is the one who had to raise his game massively and who had everything against him, Clenelo just had to do what he usually does.
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  15. UKboxingfan

    UKboxingfan Well-Known Member Full Member

    Nov 28, 2018
    Exactly lol who cares, Saunders got brutally stopped.
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