Scientifically, there's never even been any proof speedbags work.

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    Hahahah dos huevos aka kevin willis aka racist scum
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    You guys have obviously never seen a squabble settled with a speedbag shuffle to the noggin.
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    gotta use the speed bag and jump rope on those last 30 secs its a sprint. gotta have it in your routine
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    Did your boxing go better than your football career?
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    Valuable for beginners but I’ve never understood why so many seasoned pros still spend time on it, other than blind habit I guess.
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    Eubank Sr

    To be a good fighter you have to spar. I don’t say forget the bag work or road work, I say do all of that but most important is sparring.

    Let me put it another way: If you did all the skipping (jumping rope), speed ball and pads, and the bag work and running but didn’t spar, you would get nowhere in boxing. You would be tore up.

    However if you only sparred and did nothing else but spar, I believe you could still reach great heights. Put most of your focus into sparring.

    And if you never spar hard, it means you’re not getting hurt. In old Jamaican households the saying to unruly children was this: ‘If you cannot hear, you must FEEL!’ Most single parent households with no father figure result in unruly adults and imprisonment.

    Ok, the point is this: If you’re tapped to the side of the head, you’re less likely to bring your hand up next time to block the left hook than if you were hit with full force.
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