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    Jul 3, 2010
    after the thread started about scottish p4p list why dont we look at the bright prospects that are coming through instead? im not going to pretend that we are blessed with loads of future world champs but there is defo some good talent here. im going to go for boxers that have under 10 fights but feel free to add names ive missed and where you see them going. this will probably only interest the scottish posters though!! lol

    andrew mackay from inverness is just starting off and works very hard cant really judge on how far he will go till i see more of him but he looks exciting.

    matty mcallister from aberdeen is boxing craig kelly on saturday in aberdeen for the scottish title. matty was a very talented amateur but hasnt boxed enough imo since turning over. hes in a hard division but i think he could compete at british level.

    darren traynor from aberdeen is boxing david savage in a british title eliminator on same show as matty. again i have seen him box on loads of occasions amateur and think he could easily compete at british level and maybe more. needs to get busier also

    mike towell of dundee is a very exciting fighter. takes too much punches though but if you are ever in a town when hes boxing you will defo get your money worth going to see him. dont see him managing to beat the better names at british level but he will give them all a fight i promise you that.

    jamie wilson of dundee could do something at super flyweight but we wont know until we see more of him but at this weight if he keeps improving he could maybe get that commonwealth belt or british

    conner law of fyfe was a top top amateur and since he moved to stevie mcgiure has really changed his style and can punch much harder and looks much stronger . defo compete at british level

    from edinburgh side ive heard that josh taylor is turning over, again josh is a top class amateur that won gold in glasgow and think he will do very well and maybe bring boxing back to edinburgh. euro title is very achivable

    another ive heard turning over is lewis paulen, watched lewis paulen drop charlie flynn heavily last year at the scottish championships and could have possibly stopped charlie had it not been for dodgy timekeeper ringing bell early. very good southpaw that can punch could challenge at british level.

    james thomsonn from stirling is a boxer with all the talent in the world but sometimes when i watched him in th eamateurs he looked like he relied on his talent too much and didnt work hard enough in gym. if he gets the training right at light welter/welter he could challenge at british level but if not then scottish level wil be his best

    joe hamm from glasgow is another top class amateur but imo he has the style best suited to the pro game. i worry about his power but his workrate is crazy and could make up for the power like paul ingle. euro level

    joes team mate stu burt is a bit his and miss. sometimes i watched him and he looked good but watched him get outclassed very easily by conner law on more than 1 occasion. think he will do ok but think he will struggle with boxers.

    charlie flynn from glasgow got the gold in glasgow too but imo even under the tutilage of peter harrison his chin will let him down. he was getting dropped quite often last year as an amateur with big gloves on. could compete at british level.

    grant quigley from port glasgow has only had 1 fight but he is like mike towell very exciting but can also box when he wants too. but more often than not he just likes to go to war. compete at british level.

    sam ball from greenock was very unlucky against josh taylor in the final of the scottish before teh commonwealth games. i though josh shaded it but loads of people thought sam should have got the decision. should do well under danny lee and compete at british level

    ally black is one of billy nelsons lads that he says can do well, only seen him once and wasnt overly impressed but working with billy will bring him on but heard he might not be training there anymore. i wont comment on him because ive only seen him the once.

    im sure ive missed out on loads but these are the ones that spring to mind as i think about possible fighters that can do well. if some of the lads above get momentum then they could well go even further than i have predicted because i always err on the side of caution lol
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Josh Taylor, looked very good in the Commonwealths, any word on him turning pro or is he waiting till after the Olympics
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    Jul 3, 2010
    ive heard around here that he is going to turn over but not 100 percent sure. would make things exciting in edinburgh again
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    Aug 25, 2014
    I'd say Joe Ham's power doesn't look to be an issue early on, he's stopped two from two so far & I see him on his debut & well, he digs the body very, very well... Nah I'd say he looks quite promising actually...

    There was another kid I saw on the bill (thistle - dec last year) can't remember the kids name for the life of me, but anyway - he came out with girls dressed in pea**** outfits, had bleached hair & well, what a tit! 30 mins after he fought he was standing at the bar, drinking an ale STILL in just his fight shorts! Shocking behaviour & to boot he wasn't even that impressive in the first place..

    I'd dare say that Scot' boxing on the whole will improve slightly with the MGM link up in Glasgow , they're bound to get a lot of they're lads sent of there & some good, quality sparring..
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    Jan 9, 2009
    I've always been impressed by joe hams workrate not power and to be honest let's judge if there's power there when he steps up a little in class, I think the kids name your looking for is Scott Allan mate
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    Feb 11, 2014
    Probably the worst decision ive ever seen in boxing , never won a round got dropped in the 3rd and count wasnt given and crawled back to his corner and the ref scored it 40-37 to Scott Allan , Chris Sannigar was doing his nutt at big Alex
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    Good comprehensive list from the OP! Quite a few I wasn't aware of.

    Another one who's making his debut on the MGM Scotland show in June is big Ross Henderson. Got outclassed in the Commonwealths buy Joe Joyce but will be interesting to see how he fairs in the Pro game. I personally don't think he'll be a world beater but Scotland have been short of Heavyweights for so long now that it will be nice having two active HW in Ross and Gary Cornish.

    Very very excited about the MGM set up in Scotland now.
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    Jul 8, 2013
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    Feb 11, 2014
    Josh Taylor should do not bad in the pros imo , Joe Ham also , Flynn Domestic only imo though , Big Ross would like to see him do well and even fight Cornish, Lewis Benson gets away with murder and gets flattered with gift descisions cant see him doing much within the pros , Young Stephen Boyle could be a good un if he stays on the straight n narrow , Another young lad ive seen plenty of who will be suited to the pros is young Mark Brown who im sure Billy will vouch for also as hes seen him sparring plenty of times
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    Nov 25, 2014
    Gary Murray 4-0 welterweight from coatbridge boxing on the mgm show could go onto british level and is improving with each fight, very tidy boxer

    Another lad Marc kerr done very well in the semi-pro secene rnakes his debut and should do really well at light middleweight has great power and workrate
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    Aug 25, 2014

    Yes ... Scott Allan , that's the kid!! Oh no he's not very smart is he. Don't see him achieving anything, not even an area title.

    Yeah Joe seems to have a cracking little engine, like a buzz saw, your right about seeing whether the power is there when he's stepped up , but still in my book looks promising.
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    Mar 12, 2014
    Been banned and missed the outcome of the Billy Nelson v Daviddee thread.

    That thread had everything - insults, counter insults, offer to fight for charity and even a gay Manchester poster piled in with a one liner that had me laughing for about 10 minutes. :lol:

    Comedy gold deleted :patsch
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    dont think you missed much. fight would never have happened anyway and i would hope that as a professional coach billy would have been embarrased about what happened really and not get involved in childish things like that again.
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    Sep 29, 2012
    Still waiting for Cornish to step up.
  15. boxingcrazy

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    Jul 3, 2010
    me too but i think they are keeping him away from live opponents for a reason. his coaches and management dont have any faith in him when he steps up.