Send in a HW to take the uppercut Povetkin KOd Whtye with

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    Jun 25, 2014

    Exactly. Povetkin had a long career. That wasn't the first time he threw an uppercut.

    Some guys are susceptible to certain shots. That doesn't make the guy who's throwing them particularly devastating.

    Duane Bobick won a lot of fights, amateur and pro. When Ken Norton wiped him out with big overhand rights over the top, John Tate decided to launch big overhand rights at Bobick, too, and basically duplicated Norton's win. Since you don't fix what isn't broken, Kallie Knoetze decided to launch big overhand rights at the top of Duane's head, and wiped Bobick out, too.

    If Whyte fights again, I expect everyone he fights to do uppercut drills throughout their training camps.
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