Sergey Alekseyevich Lipinets vs. Custio Clayton & Xavier Martínez vs. Claudio Marrero RBR

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    Jul 11, 2013
    I’m not surprised it ended in a draw.

    I’ve noticed a trend in boxing that when a last minute replacement puts up a spirited fight they rarely walker way with the victory. Which I can understand.

    Promoters and managers build a brand in a fighter, they make a fight with another marketable fighter, then at the last minute they have to change things up and bringing in a different less marketable fighter. In these scenarios they always have to choose between bringing in a tomato can and an actual challenge.

    The problem for them is that they are left giving an opportunity to a fighter who has really done nothing to sell tickets or make the promotion. But The people who have bought tickets and the networks that have purchased the air time still expect the good fight.

    In these scenarios often promoters find themselves having to bring in these under the radar skilled but not very or completely unknown fighters in order to make sure the fight maintains a certain level of quality.

    If every time a promoter brought in a late replacement with a pulse their headlining fighter got beat and the person that was left moving forward from the fight was a less entertaining fighter whom the network and house promoter have little control over then obviously promoters would stop bringing in competitive replacements.

    So I’ve noticed that basically replacements only ever win fights by knocking people out or shutting them out completely. And if they get a draw that generally means they actually won the fight.

    I think tonight Clayton likely established himself as a semi-name opponent. The only issue is that he’ll likely get his opportunities at 154 rather than 147 where he kind of made himself king of the who-needs-him club with the draw.
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    As someone who had $$$ on Lipinets, I can only consider myself very lucky for getting a draw. I thought Clayton won and outclassed his opponent landing the more cleaner effective shots.
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