Should Alexander Povetkin be admitted into the Hall of Fame?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Perkin Warbeck, Aug 23, 2020.

Should Alexander Povetkin be admitted to the Hall of Fame?

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  1. theanatolian

    theanatolian Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 2, 2015
    I was just checking the IBHOF website. Since Chris Byrd, Jerry Quarry, David Tua aren't in, I don't think Sasha will get in either, without having ever held a legitimate title.
  2. Pimp C

    Pimp C F 12 & Goofies Stay Dangerous Full Member

    Jun 23, 2005
    Comparing povetkin to pbf lmfao!!!!!! Pbfs win over canelo is better than his whole career:deal:. Log off.
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  3. Perkin Warbeck

    Perkin Warbeck Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 4, 2017
    Old Povetkin created more excitement on Saturday with one punch than Floyd "Pitty-Pat and Run" Mayweather did in his whole career. And he did it in a foreign country against the home promoter's fighter.
  4. Pimp C

    Pimp C F 12 & Goofies Stay Dangerous Full Member

    Jun 23, 2005
    You wishful thinking fool. Povetkin beat whyte who was never any good in the first place and you want and act like this is some great accomplishment and he deserves to be in the hof. No Povetkin isn't a hof talent and pbf is 100000000000 light years greater than Povetkin the two cant be mentioned in the same sentence it just shows your insecurities and jealousy by even bringing him up. Exciting is subjective skills aren't. Go back to the lounge where you can try to justify police killing and shooting unarmed black people clown.
  5. Perkin Warbeck

    Perkin Warbeck Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 4, 2017
    Fact: Mayweather never won Olympic Gold. Povetkin did.
    Fact: Mayweather was afraid to fight outside Las Vegas. Povetkin is a courageous ring warrior.
    Fact: Povetkin is a good husband and father. Mayweather is not.
    Fact: Povetkin has never been in jail for beating up a woman. Mayweather has.
    Fact: Povetkin doesn't childishly brag. Mayweather does.
    Fact: Mayweather couldn't even KO Berto nor faded smaller Guerrero. Povetkin KOs much bigger men like Whyte, Duhaupas, etc.
    Fact: Mayweather fought smaller men, with a shorter reach like JMM and Hatton. Povetkin took on big guys.
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  6. Pimp C

    Pimp C F 12 & Goofies Stay Dangerous Full Member

    Jun 23, 2005
    Who gives a ****? Pbf is the much better fighter that can't be refuted he had a much better career as well. Povetkin was getting his ass kicked until he hit whyte with that uppercut. Pbf never got dominated like that. Pbf is not a ko puncher troll he's an outboxer he makes good and great fighters look average taking them apart. Povetkin isnt even a top 15 best fighter of this era.
  7. Big Ukrainian

    Big Ukrainian Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jan 10, 2007
    All right, but Povetkin didn't KO Wach. He didn't even hurt or knock him down, he stopped him on cuts. He laid out cold Duhaupas though, who took a lot of punches from Deontay Wilder
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  8. The Long Count

    The Long Count Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 8, 2013
    Ok so let’s lay out a rational argument for Povetkin to get in. First Here are some intangibles that could help his case:

    1. Olympic Gold medalist - say what you will about amateurs and pros being different, trust me if you have this on your ledger and your borderline - it’s a great feather in your cap to nudge you in.
    2. Road Warrior Povetkin has traveled for many of his big fights and has won- in the eyes of voters this should count a little.
    3. A small heavy taking on bigger men and winning is always impressive. It is the one division with no weight limit and the number of big guys Povetkin taken on and has beaten is impressive. He was competitive in his two losses too.
    4. Steroid usage won’t matter at all, what he was caught doing pails in comparison to many American athletes all of whom will get in, Mosley, Jones, Holyfield, Toney, etc etc.

    So let’s go to his resume: How many ring rated fighters has he beaten?
    I know he defeated a 30-0 Eddie Chambers whom two years later would rate as high as #3 in the Rings end of the year ratings. It is an excellent win, although I don’t know if he was rated at the time.
    He defeated Ruslan Chagaev when I believe Chagaev was Ring rated number 4 heavyweight.
    He defeated Marco Huck when I believe he was unrated at heavy but the number 1 rated cruiserweight.
    He defeated Mike Perez when he made the end of the year ring rated contenders at number 9.
    He just knocked out the #2 ring rated heavy Dillian Whyte.

    So he has a number 2, a future number 3, a number 4, a number 9 and a number 1 cruiser.

    If someone can do some more research on this it would be good because I believe Carlos Takam May have been rated as well?

    Beating former two time title holder Chris Byrd by stoppage is a good win and in only your 13th bout is impressive.

    Wach, Donald, Charr, Boswell, Hammer, Price, Rahman, and a draw past prime to Hunter are all serviceable wins and outcomes.

    he also clearly faced the best competition out there as he faced Joshua and Klitschko I’m losing efforts. That matters. Some guys avoid the tough fights.

    He has a very quality resume and would be the first Russian heavyweight in the Hall, which may help or hurt? I think he is just shy, if Byrd is not in, I think his resume is slightly better than Tua’s and he is also not in.
    so based on merit he seems to be on the outside looking in if just barely.
    Here’s the catch though, the HOF is located in America and it is a business. It draws boxers and fans from around the world, right now the American fight scene is being crushed by the international fight scene but without American fighters the hof won’t sell as well, so they may lower their standards a little in the future to allow American fighters in to remain relevant and draw for the attraction. If they do it will be impossible to keep him out.
  9. ArseBandit

    ArseBandit Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Apr 22, 2012
    It's a testament to Huck just how close that fight was. IIRC I scored it for Huck at the time, but it was a long time ago and I haven't watched it since.
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  10. The Long Count

    The Long Count Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 8, 2013
    Huck finished very strong and won the late rounds I scored it 7-5 Povetkin though. Sascha had bad stamina that night nearly cost him. Huck was tough and rough as they came but lot of his blows went over Povetkin’s head or landed on back of head. Close fight. Draw would of been fine by me.
  11. iii

    iii Boxing Addict Full Member

    May 3, 2016
    Ha ha the voice of reason , so obviously take the opposite of lonely here...resounding YES
  12. ZablieJudahnoff

    ZablieJudahnoff UBF CHAMP G.O.A.T Full Member

    Apr 2, 2015
    Povetkin would knock Fairyweather out cold lol
  13. northpaw

    northpaw Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jun 5, 2010
    The idiocy that takes place on this site................smh

    But I digress: in response to the original question, absolutely not.
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  14. Spongebob south paw pants

    Spongebob south paw pants Active Member Full Member

    Feb 28, 2020
    Will say was being a bit harsh on provetkin. Had been on the beers, he does have decent movement. So what's the criteria for hall of fame. We talking a second division to ATG. If so there is a lot in there
  15. rapscalion

    rapscalion Boxing Addict Full Member

    Oct 7, 2010