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    Jan 21, 2006
    fair enough
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    Salty Salt:

    Have you ever heard of: "Pink Salt?" It is also called: "Himalayan Salt."
    It is said to be the purest salt on the planet, it also has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties.
    (Look It Up!) It is really Pink.

    I buy mine at Walmart. Many people use it to make Brine. That is water so salty you can float an egg.

    If you want to cut down on how much salt you ingest, try the Himalayan Pink Salt. It is so salty, you will only need a smidgen, or your food will be too salty to eat.

    I like to use it in boiling water. My potatoes taste much better, and my eggs seem to cook much better too!

    So, I recommend, pink salt; it is better for your health, and you will want far less of it on your food!