Some thoughts on the GGG vs Canelo 2

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Theon, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Very entertaining fight. Lots of close rounds that could go either way. If this was a draw I wouldn't have been upset. In the first fight I did have GGG winning first fight 8-4 thinking 6-6 could be the worst score. This second fight I had GGG winning 4 for sure and Canelo 3 for sure with 5 rounds you could argue either way. I thought any score outside of 115-113 for either fighter would show bias. Good to see no one was outside that even though probably bias towards Canelo on the even rounds. If you asked me who won the fight and based it on who you would want to be at the end it would be GGG. I think Canelo was hurt more. I was very frustrated watching the fight and not in GGG's corner. My advice would have been always move forward and pressure Canelo make it more a war. Especially knowing scoring would go towards Canelo. GGG gets his power when he can put his body torque in his punches while he is planted and pressuring. His game plan did not seem smart regarding knowing his advantages and using them. He had Canelo hurt in the 10th and 11th but did not go after him as much as he should have. I know he was tired and respected Canelo's power but Canelo when he was shook was more tired. I know its a movie but it reminds of me of Bruce Lee fighting Kareem Abdul Jabar and Bruce is talking to himself saying how tired he is but then thinks Kareem is more tired take it to him. Similar circumstance with GGG last night but not assessing who had what advantages.
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    Sep 22, 2010
    this ruined my Sunday. I had plans. Mercedes Benz centre to watch Singapore GP, Heritage visits, etc.

    But fight destoryed by day, thats my thoughts on it. Train wreck sunday.
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    You drank one beer on Saturday Herol, and you passed out before even opening the second one, now you have a massive hangover Sunday and are taking it out on ESB users.
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    dont drink, so I see its business as usual for you mirko. Not as bad as your worst post below tohugh -