Stable: The Boxing Game - Docuseries on the McGuigan gym on iPlayer today

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    A new observational four-part documentary series STABLE: The Boxing Game following the ups and downs inside the McGuigan family’s boxing gym is coming to BBC One and iPlayer on Saturday 30 March 2024.

    Produced by Lorton Entertainment, the series tracks eight fighters from across the UK as they battle their way up boxing’s ranks. STABLE documents life both inside and outside of the ring, in a sport where one fight can be all it takes to make or break a career.

    Shane McGuigan, son of International Boxing Hall of Famer Barry McGuigan, trains the fighters alongside assistant coach Josh Pritchard, while Shane’s brother Jake McGuigan manages the majority of the eight boxers.

    With a ring-side seat to recent national and international fights and all-access to the tough training the fighters – who come to the east London gym from Slough, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Catford and Greenwich – face in their search for success.

    The series charts the incredible stories of boxers such as Chris Billam-Smith, heavyweight Daniel Dubois and his sister Caroline Dubois, brothers Adam and Hassan Azim, Robbie Davies Jr, Ellie Scotney, and Anthony Fowler.

    As well as delving into the McGuigans’ unique boxing journey, the series sheds light on the challenges the family has faced.

    Julian Bird, CEO and Founder, Lorton Entertainment, says: “We believe that this documentary encapsulates everything that is so powerful about boxing: hard-work, community, resilience, and reward. This series is characterized by the everyday sacrifices and commitments boxers make. We’ve told the stories of some of the biggest names in sport, and it is incredible to add Barry, Shane and all the fighters in the gym to that list.”

    Lorton Entertainment has previously made high-profile documentaries Boom! Boom!: The World vs. Boris Becker for Apple TV+, Amazon Original feature documentary ROONEY, Disney+’s documentary series Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story and will film, direct and produce an upcoming documentary on Liverpool FC.

    Jo Lapping, Head of Factual Acquisition, BBC, says: “Whether you’re a boxing fan or not is irrelevant when it comes to STABLE: this series is a compelling watch giving viewers an intimate look at the discipline, dedication, and determination needed to succeed in the sport. We’re excited to be bringing this to audiences across the BBC, introducing them to an inspiring, aspirational, tightly knit group of fighters at the start of a huge sporting year.”

    STABLE: The Boxing Game is a four-part series produced by Lorton Entertainment and acquired by BBC Factual Acquisition. Executive Producers for STABLE are Ed Barratt and Julian Bird, the Series Producers are Lucy Hardy and Arthur Landon, and the Series Director is Gavin Fitzgerald.

    All four episodes of STABLE: The Boxing Game are streaming on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Saturday 30 March 2024, and broadcast as double bills on BBC One after Match of the Day on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March 2024.
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    Currently on the first episode, Anthony Fowlers infamous Versace pram makes an appearance about 30 minutes in hahaha
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    Hell of a coach , thieving *******s.
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    Half way into episode 2 and really enjoying it.However the hideous Diamante has just made an appearance :duh hope its only a fleeting one
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