"Styles make fights" is the most overused phrase in boxing.

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Exactly it’s applies perfectly to the hypothetical matchups. It’s easy to say if Miguel Cotto beat Mosley and Margarito destroyed Cotto then Margarito would have destroyed Mosley. However as proven Mosley’s style was much more difficult for Tony to figure and he was destroyed by Mosley instead.
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    I much prefer it in the sense that Fighter A's style can drastically change the style of Fighter B. Wilder had huge holes in his game which made Fury turn a complete style 180. Jrock flipped the script against Hurd and gave us a very exciting fight by beating Hurd at his own game. More than likely because Lara took a far more aggressive approach exposing many holes in Hurds game in a losing effort.

    I love when a fighter brings in a different gameplan to expose a styles weakness rather than relying on what they themselves do best.
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    i wrote this about aj vs wilder, back before fury was in the picture, in regards to how to beat wilders style, if you can call it that. pretty much what they trained fury to do. fury had never fought that way, nor had anyone fought wilder that way, but there is a solution to every problem in boxing, and furys coach saw the solution.
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