Tank "Fraud" Davis is the most overrated fighter in boxing right now.

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by f1ght3rz, May 29, 2022.

  1. TheVet

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    Sep 22, 2021
    No Ryan Garcia is the MOST overrrated fighter that I have ever known in boxing. He is not much different to Jake Paul in terms of skill and attention seeking
  2. Nz1111

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    Jun 29, 2021
    wouldn't you agree it takes some skill to beat a boxing gold medalist? agree on attention seeking though.
    At least jake paul has thicker skin.
  3. Goran_

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    Sep 27, 2018
  4. Manfred

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    May 22, 2011
    People hatin on Tank because Tank is on the verge of making huge fights with huge money potential. He had no choice in fighting Rolly because he was contracted to fight him and Rolly showed rare talent in selling and promoting that fight. That was an exciting fight for most people because Tank delivered what they were looking for, a knockout. They didn't care if deputy dog was in the ring with Tank. It was a good fight for Tank regardless of the competition. Now that he is a free agent, he can make his choices of who he fights next and I think that he will go after a worthy adversary. He's on his way up gents and the hate won't stop him.
  5. Skins

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    Oct 20, 2011
    Tanks puts people in the seats. That is the bottom line in boxing. As long as he keep selling out against scrubs he can do whatever he wants. Sold out last night with Madonna in the house. Love to see him tested against one of the top guys but he's not the only one ducking people
  6. chacal

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    Jun 21, 2015
    Well, Tank passes my eye test, tbh. It's a pitty we will never see him fighting a living body. Eye test is never enough.