Tank Gervonta Davis vs Tartan Tornado Josh Taylor looks highly possible

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Olu G. Rotimi, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. vast

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Tank and his entourage are loud- mouthed sterotypes whose bark is always far more audible than the pain of their bite.
  2. Perkin Warbeck

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    Nov 4, 2017
    That is true.
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  3. Alo2006

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    Jun 28, 2006
    Tank is a live dog against anyone at 140. He has a chance to beat JT. However, Arum has him saved for Crawford at 147. Crawford is going to beat JT. I know has called out Teofimo and Loma. I would love to see Tank vs Teofimo.
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  4. Grinder

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    Mar 24, 2005
    Tank won't take the risk.
  5. drenlou

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    Jan 22, 2015
    And if Tank stops Taylor, then what?
  6. Babality

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Hearts will break.
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  7. Jackman65

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    Aug 31, 2019
    Taylor isn’t the reason this fight isn’t happening. He would fight Tank give him a beating in a heartbeat. Tank doesn’t have the balls to fight someone as dangerous as Taylor. Same reason he ducked Loma, Lopez, Haney, at 135, and same reason he ducked all top guys at 130.

    You Tank apologists don’t get it. All you have is “Crawford will beat Taylor” BS. They don't even fight at the same weight. Tank is strutting around with his secondary belt at 140 but he won’t fight any of the real challengers at his own ****ing weight, same thing he did at 135. Maybe if you guys stopped making excuses for Tank, he would actually fight a legit opponent and not the bums he’s fought for the past few years.
  8. DoubleJab666

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    Nov 9, 2015
    You only focus on how much's he's earned for a reason: to deflect from a poor resume and his trophy cabinet of 2nd rate belts. Your 'uncle' would be ashamed...
  9. gollumsluvslave

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    Dec 20, 2020
    1) This is just Ellerbe keeping Tank's name out there; if they were serious about fighting Taylor, why say after Barrios that Tank will only fight in-house?
    2) If I was Taylor I'd be all over this like white on rice, whilst Tank does have great power, and JT can be found, TTT also has good fundamentals, and would obviously be cautious of the big shot. Can Tank take Taylor's vicious bodywork? Can he negate Taylors ability to lean into him and dictate the distance? Colour me highly sceptical!
    3) If Tank was to beat Taylor, then he would absolutely get credit from me and many others who hold doubts about his level fo comp, Taylor would be a HUGE step up for Gervonta.

    From a legacy point of view, I don't think this fight does a huge amount for Taylor, but it would raise his profile in the US massively if he put a whupping on Tank; it's gonna do far more to make JT a household name than going up and facing Crawford, who let's face it isn't a big draw outside Omaha.

    I'm not convinced Arum would care, he's been bleating on about Crawford not making him any money, letting JT fight Tank would be a great step to Taylor making some decent coin.

    But let's see, if this fight even remotely comes close to taking place, then I will eat plenty of crow; Mayweather and his team will not risk Tank against Taylor, no danger.
  10. gollumsluvslave

    gollumsluvslave Active Member Full Member

    Dec 20, 2020
  11. senpai

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    May 18, 2021
    Taylor don't need this fight. Tank needs this but don't do it. It's all talk, nothing more.

    Taylor vs Crawford is really good fight for 2022.
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  12. Wizbit1013

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    Mar 17, 2018
  13. Olu G. Rotimi

    Olu G. Rotimi Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 29, 2007
    Of course Tank will get the lions share as the A side. Only way it works otherwise JT can go and have the less lucrative fight with Bud Crawford which he shall lose as well.
  14. Olu G. Rotimi

    Olu G. Rotimi Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 29, 2007
    Uncle enjoys watching Tank because he is so exciting.
  15. Olu G. Rotimi

    Olu G. Rotimi Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 29, 2007
    I am not sure Bud is even a draw in Omaha, Nebraska so poorly has he been promoted.