Tank is going to waste his career if he stays with Mayweather

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Peterp, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Peterp

    Peterp Well-Known Member Full Member

    May 1, 2006
    Tank is 25, he's not a little boy anymore. He is right in his physical prime and should be taking on the biggest challenges out there to carve out his legacy

    Instead he is going to continue to fight cans , the Mayweather way, only fighting name fighters when they are over the hill

    Mayweather has his by the nuts, hes like a baby lamb suckling on a teet
  2. Ted Stickles

    Ted Stickles Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    Floyd doesn’t like anyone outshining him in any way.
  3. northpaw

    northpaw Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jun 5, 2010
    I completely agree. Floyd is a master at "self" promotion. He is a really ****ty promoter though. I truly think it's about hubris (and I say that as a Floyd the boxer fan). I don't think he wants any of his entourage to have more "pop" than him.

    This is one thing that makes Oscar great at promoting. Oscar is always saying this young guy or that young guy would've beat him when he was younger. Of course we know it's **** and Oscar would've Ko'd every single person he promotes if they were near his weight class, but that's what a real promoter that was a former stud does, put the shine on the young guy.

    Floyd doesn't have that in him. Tank puts asses in the seats, he is a legitimate seller in a specific market, Floyd could have him as a borderline superstar but for some reason doesn't want to really "sell" him. Tank could go to damn near any other top level promoter and do just as well.
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  4. panchman69

    panchman69 Well-Known Member Full Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    Maybe because hes a feather fisted fraud
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  5. Jackman65

    Jackman65 No longer booted! Full Member

    Aug 31, 2019
    Floyd might be illiterate but he’s no dummy. Maybe he sees his pudgy protege as a severely flawed, undisciplined fighter. Missing weight multiple times, too small and unskilled for LW, too lazy to make JLW, etc.

    Tank gets exposed by top LWs if he fights them and his popularity disintegrates. What choice does Floyd have? Tank isn’t getting better and his opposition seems to be getting worse (if that’s even possible). In this scenario, Floyd is smart to keep this guy away from real opponents. LSC can’t hurt him at 130 and has less punching power at 135. Perfect opponent.

    Not sure how long they can continue milking this fraud but I suspect we will find out. As long as suckers are willing to pay for crap, Tank/Floyd are going to keep serving it up. Nice and steamy!

    Good to be back from my unscheduled vacation in the BF24 penalty box.
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  6. DonnyMo

    DonnyMo Boxing Addict Full Member

    Feb 21, 2011
    Tank will hide behind Mayweathers skirts.

    Anyways, he can't make 135lbs much longer, he can't make weight as it is (one more fight?)

    I cant even imagine what garbage fights they'll conjure up for him at 140lbs.
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  7. Dance84

    Dance84 Unicorn and seastar land Full Member

    Oct 11, 2017
    Quit blaming the promoters and trainers for once.

    Tank dont want the loma smoke simple as that.
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  8. khaosai galaxi

    khaosai galaxi My First Lady Full Member

    Apr 17, 2017
    Tank will get destroyed by Teo and Haney..
    I think he is 50-50 with Garcia though I suspect Garcia will clip him with his left hook
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  9. Bigdog2002

    Bigdog2002 Active Member Full Member

    Oct 19, 2018
    I suspect the same thing!
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  10. Zhuge Liang

    Zhuge Liang Active Member Full Member

    Jun 30, 2018
    Just like Loma, 135 lbs would be Tank's last 'effective' weight class. If he dares to cross that line, it'd be the end of his career, period. I mean, who do you want him to fight in 140 ? Cano ? Zepeda ? Prograis ? Matias ? None of these names have the slightest chance of losing to Tank if Tank fights like the way he did against Gamboa. Especially Matias, that guy would make Tank pissed his pants.

    If he is truly P4P fighter just like he claims to be, he needs to stay in 135 and start to fight top level opposition. Because his 'regular' WBA belt doesn't count as championship title.

    I'm not defending Floyd here, but I'm sure he is not a coward and would let Tank to fight anyone if Tank really wants it. The problem is Tank himself. He knows his big brother cover his ass all the time and he comfortably made it as an excuse not to prove himself.
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  11. eltirado

    eltirado Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jul 31, 2013
    He is actually a very good Flyweight, his problem is being Roided up a few divisions above his frame

    Its difficult to see him beat natural small legit 130/135 guys, let alone Mayweather/Oscar De La Hoya

    From a handler POV, its an easy way to control those Roided-up guys, Tank at 135 or Redhead at 175, they need their handlers like Fish needs water.

    Its like 0-Game Pimps locking up Drug-addicted prostitutes with chronic bad mood, due to the lack of Game...

    Don King-Bob Arum were legit Alpha Male promoters, they didn't need to lower the quality of their talent, to maintain control
  12. Tramell

    Tramell Hypocrites Love to Pray & Be Seen. Mathew 6:5 Full Member

    Sep 21, 2012
    If being around Mayweather (a gym rat) won't discipline him, no one will.
  13. M.3

    M.3 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 21, 2014
    It's stupid when people say this about promoters and record label owners.. If your business was to make money, why would you not want to make a lot of money by holding someone back? He wouldn't waste his time being a promoter if he not doing it for the money and only want mediocre talent.. Tank couldn't be bigger than Floyd regardless of what he does anyway..

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