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    I was really annoyed with him in the Williamson fight. The knockout loss was entirely self inflicted for me.

    When he was boxing he was boxing Williamson’s ears off and easily winning the fight. But then he chose to trade on the inside with him round after round, coming off second best.

    The fight was there to be won for him. All he needed to do was box.

    I get that he needs to fight on the inside when he is losing the fight at range. But what the **** was he doing fighting on the inside letting combinations go when he is winning fight so easily on the outside?

    He needs to be a lot smarter than that.
    I don’t want to see him getting damaged long term from the sport.
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    Feb 16, 2013

    I agree, he is taking far too much at his age, actually he is taking too much at any age to be honest.

    It was a great spectacle at the weekend and a spectacular ending but I am honestly starting to feel a little uncomfortable watching Cheeseman.

    I just can't help but think about what state he will be in at 30-35 years old or when it's all over because the brain and body can only take so much.

    It's said that fighter only have so many wars in them, well Cheeseman seems to have one every fight.

    I hope he takes a long break now, a good six months away, he is young enough and then see how he feels, see what he wants to do because none of us want to see Ted dribbling and mumbling in five years time.
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    I agree with a lot of the posts on this thread, certainly the Eggington comparison is valid because of the amount of wars Sam had, and he’s still doing okay (even from his own fight with Cheeseman.)

    The thing is with Ted is that he can box, he really can. Look at the Fitzgerald fight - he boxed really well and I thought he edged it at the time (though couldn’t complain at Fitz getting the nod) and I remember Ted being really upset after the fight, because for once he’d shown his boxing skills rather than trading and lost on the cards.

    For me, Ted should be boxing and moving on the outside and when its not working drag his opponent into a war. He doesn’t need to start with the war and ignore the boxing when its working. It will certainly improve his longevity.

    Next he should come back against a decent, but not top British operator - like Macauley McGowan type of fighter or Asinia Byfield (who I know he’s already beat.)
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    Mar 20, 2021
    I think Tony simes has to take some responsibility for the way Ted fights , he has shown he can box so why does he get drawn into wars. Maybe simes isn't as good as people think ?
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    Oct 1, 2020
    I am not usually one to call for a fighters premature retirement, but for me Ted Cheeseman is a special case.

    The punishment he has taken in the last 3 and half years is nothing short of incredible.

    It goes back to 2018, and starts with Byfield. It was in that fight actually that Ted's limitations for me were most clear. Byfield was a small hall fighter, area level semi pro type of opponent who almost certainly is not a full time boxer and was maybe a bit fortunate to be boxing for a vacant British title. Ted had a 12 round war with him, even after dominating for big periods of the fight he ended up getting battered late on and towards the 8-10 round looked finished, somehow he managed to stay in the fight and stay on his feet!

    It was a massively entertaining fight, but that's the problem- it shouldn't have been considering the level of his opponent. Ted has the awful combination of very limited power, a huge heart, and a good chin. It opens him up to massive levels of punishment.

    Over the past 3.5 years he has been in 7 consecutive, hard, long fights:


    I've watched him get beaten from pillar to post in many of those fights. He's taken more clear, hard shots to the head in one single round, than many boxers do in a handful of fights! We all love boxing, we all love a tear up, but at times his fights make genuinely uncomfortable viewing.

    I think for people who watch boxing exclusively on TV or don't have any practical experience of the sport it's difficult to describe how hard he's being hit and the impact of these punches, a fighter can have limited power (like Garcia and like Ted himself) but that just means he doesn't knock people out in the professional ranks- he still hits incredibly hard and his punches still do damage.

    He's also lost 3 and drawn 1 of his last 6 fights, with the last fight being a brutal KO it will definitely start to catch up with him.

    He's lost at domestic and European level, in my opinion unless he can drastically change his style of fighting, or is willing to fight at a lower level he should consider his future.

    He's made decent money already for sure, if he has genuine business opportunities outside the sport people close to him should be advising him to think about his options, unless he can get a huge payday (which I don't see) he should consider his future for sure.
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    Quite the angry little thing arent you

    So your "proof" the phrase shipping something, now means to take or receive, is a link to another idiot (probably you) on another forum?

    Case closed I guess

    Either way, it doesn't matter who says the phrase, anyone with a brain can see it makes zero sense, and actually ship means the opposite of how you're using it

    Really basic stuff here
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    Ted is literally a human punch bag, yes he's in exciting fights but in 10 years time he will make James Toney sound articulate.
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    Mar 12, 2018
    No wish to get involved but in
    This content is protected
    is a phrase used when the water is coming in to the thing which is designed to keep it out. I've used shipping punishment in the past in that same way. Not that it's worth falling out over.
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    Could also be a reference to the brutal punishments dished out at sea historically.
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    Oct 18, 2009
    Making yourself look silly now kid
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    Mar 9, 2015
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    Not really, you had no idea about the origin of shipping punches thing either, or you would have said it in your original post. So it turns out you are right, but only through luck
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    A fighter I'd pay to watch is probably the best way to sum him up. Takes too much damage absolutely but he still has time on his side, consider me a fan.

    @BaronSamedi @Furey

    Jesus lads..
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    Shipping punishment is a relatively common term used for taking shots.