The fine art of... slugging?

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    Yeh, it tends to go out the window.

    Taking away the jab though is the number 1 skill for a pressure fighter and closing the range is number 2, and these can often look awkward and 'unskilled', but tust me they are very hard to do.
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    Jul 8, 2010
    So, does anyone think that slugging is a style that one is forced into due to lack of other options, or something that fighters choose at the expense of other flashier styles?
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    Aug 5, 2004
    Whenya find a beast in the gym, like Rocky Graziano, who could knock down walls from day one, ya just get the hell outta the way 'n let'm keep firing. He had no patience ta learn anything -- just wanted ta party with Pep.
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    There are four main styles in boxing. They are Boxer ( Example Tunney ), Boxer-puncher ( Example Wlad ), attacking swarmer ( Example Frazier or Marciano ) , and slugger ( Example Foreman). However there are different versions of tactics that a fighter can master such as clutch and grab, cover up and counter, rope-a dope, turn south paw, play keep away with speed feet and tap for points, etc… In addition, not all fighters can master the basic eight punches.

    The Slugging style works best when a fighter is long on power, stamina, and durability. Sometimes a fighters ability level or body build forces the best style for him. Yes—slugging can be a thinking man’s path to victory. Sometimes fighters who are out matched have to resort to slugging as it’s the best way for them to win. A good example is Sugar Ray Leonard, who was being out boxed by Hearns, and had to become a slugger to win.

    While the slugging style does open one up to counters ( one has to be mentally strong enough to concede extra hits ) , it can be effective. A recommended path it to slug when the opponent is on the ropes or in the corners, to work the body in and out of clinches, and following up with a power shot after each connect, usually the hook.
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    When looking at the wikipedia definition the only difference between a boxer puncher and boxer is punching power.
    In that case Muhammad Ali would also be a boxer puncher as he had power when hesat down on his punches.

    Also Leonard was never a pure boxer.
    Only 2 fights of him have really been "boxing" fights, Hagler and Duran 2.
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    Nov 10, 2008
    I think its not a styles that is forced or a style that is chosen. Its not as clear cut as that. I think you sort of just come into it, to maximise the skills you have.