The four weight bully kings

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Here's a serious question. How do you feel about fighters going into hyperbaric chambers or training at extremely high altitude so their bodies can produce more hemoglobin, which enhances their oxygen levels greatly. By doing this, a fighters stamina is helped either by not fatiguing as fast, recovering faster or both. Of course, this is only an advantage when fighting around sea level. Do you consider that having an unfair advantage?
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    Aug 31, 2019
    Tank moved up to LW in 2019, and his first opponent was Featherweight Gamboa, or the ghost of Gamboa. He dragged LSC up to Jr. LW, a much smaller guy who had no business at the weight. He then moved up to 140 to fight a bum Barrios (ducking all legit opposition at 135) and has now moved down to 135 to fight a midget who isn’t close to top ten. Of all the “up and coming” LW’s Tank’s choice of opponents over the last two years has been pathetic and it’s not by accident. He’s supposed to be stepping up and fighting legit opponents, instead he fights midgets and smaller guys moving up in weight or no hopers. Idiots like you continue to defend this pathetic matchmaking and cherry picking but I call it for what it is.

    Tank is a disgrace to boxing. We get it, he can crush cans but when will he fight a legit top 5 opponent? He wears a fake belt but has never faced a top five guy at LW. When will it happen, five years from now? He’s 27 and the “too young” excuses no longer apply. I know the answer, he will step up when chumps stop paying for him to fight BUMS.
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    In what way is Barrios a bum?

    Fighting a "midget" in Cruz who is what? An inch or two shorter than Davis himself?
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    Aug 31, 2019
    cruz isn’t even top ten. Is this what qualifies as a legit opponent for a “top” LW? Tank is a pretty good draw, why isn’t he fighting better opposition at 135 than Cruz who isn’t a top ten or the ****** he was supposed to fight who also wasn’t close to a top LW? He’s been at the weight for a couple years, is that asking too much from a 27 year old guy? He could easily get a Haney fight but it’s not going to happen. Loma called him out and gave up because Tank wussed out. He’s the only “young gun” who has no interest in fighting anyone with a pulse. When do you think he’s going to step up, when he’s 30 or 31?
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    He may be 5'3 but he has a huge frame, he's legit ~160lbs walking around
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    Think this still stands..

    Since then, Haney marginally gets by the smaller Jojo Diaz getting rocked several times in the process and Tank gets a gift against supposed journeyman and smaller Cruz.

    The four frauds.