The globe trotting road warriors

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    Good shout on Pedroza, but I came to post about Brian Mitchell.

    I believe he fought 14 world title fights, winning the first in his native South Africa and then globe-trotting for all the rest because the WBA banned SA from hosting bouts for its championships so he just kept winning on the road … almost always against the local guy.

    A really remarkable, savagely consistent fighter with a very pleasing style to watch.

    What makes it more remarkable is that he wasn’t a puncher and was thus at risk of getting robbed every time but he still came through. Classy fighter.

    By my count, he successfully defended in seven different countries, meaning he won title fights in eight. I am guessing that’s probably a record but I’d have to count up Ali to be more sure.

    EDIT: By my count Ali won world championship fights in seven different countries. He certainly fought in far more than that but I’m only counting wins in bouts contested for a recognized world championship.
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    Cuban middleweight boxer Kid Tunero, who was a good friend of Ernest Hemingway, fought in 21 different countries. He even lived in Hemingway's house for a while when Hemingway was on a trip to Europe. Hemingway attended many of his bouts as well. After his career he became an important trainer for young Cuban talents and trained featherweight champion José Legrá in Spain.

    Angel Robinson Garcia and Panama Al Brown fought in many differnet countries too.
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    Plenty of very good shouts thus far.

    I will go slightly left field and mention Johnny Nelson.

    I know not everyone's cup of tea, but he did fight in a lot of different countries.

    Maybe because once he did fight somewhere, no one there, wanted to see him fight again!
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    I haven't done any research, but Azumah Nelson probably travelled to a few countries ?
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    “Thanks for dropping by, Johnny, you have a lovely accent by the way, but let me tell you about the wonders of Liechtenstein. Wonderful place. Perhaps you should fight there next. Think about it while I drive you to the airport.”
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    Mamby, Pedroza, and Cervantes (especially during his second reign)