The Heavyweight top 10 based on H2H

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    1. Tyson Fury

    Unbeatable by any fighter in the past 20 years, Fury is literally the H2H GOAT. it makes me laugh when people say heavyweight is weak, Tyson Fury would dominate any era, so how's that weak?

    2. Deontay Wilder

    Unfortunate to be in the same era as Fury, this man is in my opinion the hardest puncher in the history of the sport, rangey, athletic, solid chin, it all adds up to the second best if our era

    3. Luis Ortiz

    The slick, explosive, dynamic, powerful Cuban southpaw is the most avoided fighter of this era for good reason, his slick Cuban skills, iron jaw and brutal punching combine to a beast of a heavyweight

    4. Olksandyr Usyk

    The prodigal Ukrainian southpaw has only had one fight at heavyweight but can beat all but the very best, he destroyed super heavyweights like Joyce in the WSB, and beat Wladamir Klitschko to a pulp in sparring

    5. Joseph Parker, blazing speed, ok power and a Samoan granite chin, his only two "losses" shouldn't be counted as they were due to illegal tactics and he would have won otherwise, a handful for anyone

    6. Andy Ruiz jr

    This placement is dependent on him being in shape, if he is, he's a very solid heavyweight, if not, he's awful, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that his last fight was a wake-up call

    7. Anthony Joshua

    Pros: size, very good power, decent fundamentals. Cons: stiff, glass jaw, questionable heart, no stamina. He will give certain guys problems but not trouble the best in the division.

    8. Dillian Whyte

    He has a good left hook and tenacity, but lacks in the chin and stamina department, he's close with Joshua but I ranked him lower due to not having AJ's physical advantages

    9. Michael Hunter

    Could be higher on this list but I wasn't convinced by him against Povetkin, has nice skills, very good chin and can punch a bit

    10. Daniel Dubois

    A bit of a risky pick as he's not proven, but I've been impressed with what I have seen, his power seems excellent, he has good size and reacts well under pressure
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    this excellent list is blemished by the omission of david price
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    Absolute rubbish! AJ should be number 2 at least or 1st equal based on his comprehensive revenge victory over Andres Ponce Garcia Jr and win over Joseph Parker as well as defeating undefeated fighters at the time he beat them and also the nature of the fights. Wilder is still being overrated for a guy with rudimentary boxing skills. Power don’t mean **** if you can’t set it up properly. Wilder has always been a guy ready to be taken advantage of Fury just got there first. Wilder is not the most devastating puncher in history but perhaps the most overrated. There will be other knockout losses for him that’s for sure.

    Also DANIEL Dubois does not belong in this list as he has not fought anyone yet.

    I love Tyson Fury but you’re comments about him are disgraceful to say the least. At least Tyson Fury has the good sense to know what you have written about him are not truthful. Until he fights the other top guys of his era he cannot be claimed to be the best of this heavyweight era.
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    There's no controversy keeping the bodybuilder below the top 2 after what the blob did in June. That farsical rematch has a asterisk on it, against a morbidly obese foe! Lol
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    Isn't Fury more wild boar than goat? :thinking: